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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/7/2003 7:57:43 PM EST
There's a guy on the radio with the position that the anti-gun activists are trying to defeat the Second Amendment so that we won't be able to defend ourselves from an alien invasion from outer space!!!

What the fuck is up with Art Bell, is this guy for real? Never listened before. This guy is taking these lunatics seriously! I can't believe this shit. Weekly World News radio edition.

Link Posted: 12/7/2003 8:06:38 PM EST
I listened one night while doing laundry. guy played a tape form some really deep hole in russia, it was a mine or something, he claimed it was the deepest hole on earth. supposedly it was sounds of the souls in hell. I could hear a few squeaking like sounds but nothing else. I rolled my eyes and popped in a cd. Art Bell is king of the tin foil hat people
Link Posted: 12/7/2003 8:08:21 PM EST
I freakin hate space aliens [heavy]
Link Posted: 12/7/2003 8:09:36 PM EST
The best was a few years ago when he went off the air for a while. It was like some big mysterious mystery like some fucking aliens or the government took him off the air for a while. LOL, whatever became of that?
Link Posted: 12/7/2003 8:17:17 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/7/2003 8:20:29 PM EST by raven]
I was listening to it for the first time last week. He had John Lear (son of the Lear Jet guy) come on and give a run down of the whole flying saucer deal in a two hour interview. At one point, he mentioned his friend Bob Lazar, Lazar's rocket car, and an underground pyrotechnics fest called Desert Blast. I realized Lazar was the guy who owns this site [url]www.unitednuclear.com[/url] which I had visited lots of times before. I had no idea he was a UFO guy. [EDITED: It looks like Bob Lazar is the guy they're interviewing tonight] Lazar claims to have worked at Area 51 and seen the saucers. I dont think that's true, because I know an aeronautical engineer who worked at Area 51 in the 1960's, and he wouldn't tell me ANYTHING about it. He worked at Area 51, and he couldn't say anymore than that (he helped design the SR-71, too). And here's Lazar blabbing about it and doubtlessly breaking any non-disclosure form he would have had to sign. He made some pretty wild claims, the transcript must be around somewhere on the net. On one hand, you think they're full of crap, but on the other, I've seen some weird shit in the desert at night that no aircraft could do. The flying discs they describe sound a lot like what I saw.
Link Posted: 12/7/2003 9:30:39 PM EST
Someone had a sig line once - "Noone has more contempt for Art Bell listeners than Art Bell." Listen closely! When I am working out in the Garage, KENI sneaks into Art Bell around 9 pm. I wish they would sound an alarm before his show comes on, or rattle off a bunch of numbers like the Cal Worthington ads. That would give me 2-5 seconds to change stations before the assault on my ears.
Link Posted: 12/7/2003 9:37:54 PM EST
Yeah he has some real nutjobs on.. Gotta admit it is interesting though, in a creepy kinda way..
Link Posted: 12/7/2003 9:45:13 PM EST
I think he just humors most of his guests. I used to listen to his show when working 3rd shift. He'll have someone one night that completely contradicts the previous guest, and Art will sound like he agrees with both of them. My favorite was the guy who claimed to be a time traveler from the future (of course). I don't know what happened to him. I guess he went home.
Link Posted: 12/8/2003 12:05:28 AM EST
[b]Anyone listening to Art Bell right now???? [/b] Not if I can help it! [:D] [devil]
Link Posted: 12/8/2003 12:24:20 AM EST
Originally Posted By Donith: My favorite was the guy who claimed to be a time traveler from the future (of course). I don't know what happened to him. I guess he went home.
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Your're probably talking about John Titor who claimed back in Feb. 2001 that: A) He was a time traveler from like 2032 or something, who went back to 1975 to get an old IBM PC which could run some program which 2032 PC's couldn't (which is believable in the sense that I can't get my old x86 games to work for crud on my XP machine) B) In 2004 events would begin happening about once a month that are similar to Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc. C) This will be a result of the gov thinking Americans want more security but they don't D) The whole security thing would be a result of the Middle East E) Slowly these intrustions by the government grow, and slowly forms into another Civil War by 2008 which lasts for several years F) When CERN goes online in 2007 it opens up possibilities for time travel Yes, he did claim he was going home to 2032 or whenever, and there is a HUGE following of his crud on the internet. The positives John Titor had going for him which convinced some people were that: A) The dude went through the trouble to actually make a time machine, along with a manual & posted pictures of it B) He seemed to be very intelligent of the actual theories of how time travel would work and wanted to discuss with people physics and crud C) He didn't care if people believed him or not, he just wanted to talk physics D) His vision of the future had no holes in it, because I believe his earliest prediction was 2004 Was he a nutbar? Probably just some dude having fun. Are there people out there still believing what he wrote? A lot of 'em.
Link Posted: 12/8/2003 12:27:17 AM EST
If you're working all night and can listen to the radio, Coast To Coast AM is a nice break from sports talk. You need to catch Major Ed Dames on the show sometime, the remote viewing guy. He had a good gag going at first, seemed almost legit, 'til his "predictions" started to fall apart - he remote viewed Satan, and the seed pod behind the Hale-Bop comet that was supposed to land in Africa and destroy all plant life... stuff like that. All the while Art Bell is going "Oh My...."
Link Posted: 12/8/2003 12:32:00 AM EST
Art is the Vince McMahon of crazy people. And his "replacement" George Nouri is so damn gullible you could say a dinosaur impregnated your wife and he'd just say "wow", straight faced. Ugh. That show embarasses me. Long ago they had some normal guests like a Titanic survivor and some real world theoretical physicists and shit. Now it's just loonies, alien freaks and crop-circle idiots.
Link Posted: 12/8/2003 1:58:53 AM EST
Art Bell? ART BELL? I thought the space aliens carried him off to Uranus 5 years ago. Damn, guess he's not on Uranus. Well, as long as I can keep him off mine-------
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