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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/7/2006 10:13:29 PM EST
I'm looking at buying this router tool its $119 and has a table and a 2 1/8 (11,500 to 28,000 RPM) motor and 1/4” collet. Id like to know if this is a good brand to buy. It's a lot cheaper then any of the other ones I'm looking at. I just don't want to spend the money on something that is junk its made by Yukon tools. Thanks for the help

Link Posted: 3/7/2006 10:53:48 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/7/2006 10:54:27 PM EST by Donith]
I can't tell you anything about the router, but the table is a piece of crap. Somebody gave me one once. You will not be happy with it.

Everything looks like it's made in China and seems overpriced. If you don't mind cheaper tools, check out Harbor Freight and at least save some money.
Link Posted: 3/8/2006 12:31:53 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/8/2006 12:39:32 AM EST by 19suburban96]
You will outgrow that quicker than you can get it out of the box. Some key features you want

Motor with a 1/2" collet. 1/2" shank bits are more stable and safer at high speeds
Independent adjustments for fence positioning
Unrestricted stock hold down placements
A cut-out in the top to accept bits up to 3 1/2" in diameter.
3/4" slot milled into the top for a miter gauge
Good router tables have hieght adjustment features above the table which is far easier and accurate to adjust the right height. (especially important with matched cutter sets)

Remember a router table is a poor mans shaper. Do not try to save a few bucks at the cost of your fingers or stock that looks like it was done by hand.

ETA check out Freud model # Model FREPKG0024
It's a good sytem to start out with
Link Posted: 3/8/2006 5:28:49 AM EST
Thanks for the help on this you guys saved me a lot of money. That Model FREPKG0024 look like a nice one and I might just go with that evrything else that price was less then 1hp.
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