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Posted: 11/1/2006 7:03:09 AM EST
All I need to do is tighten the tensioner one the serpentine belt so it can at least be driven to the mechanic. I can't find a service manual. It's a '95 stick. Anyone know how to adjust the tensioner on Saturns?
Link Posted: 11/1/2006 7:07:26 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/1/2006 7:08:40 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/1/2006 7:11:04 AM EST
Is it adjustable or is it one of those self-tensioning jobbies?

In before the Uranus jokes!
Link Posted: 11/1/2006 7:13:05 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/1/2006 7:16:12 AM EST

Originally Posted By PBIR:
Is it adjustable or is it one of those self-tensioning jobbies?

I don't know . I have to admit I know little about cars and this is a friend's Saturn. But I'll let her know to get it replaced. Thanks for all the suggestions!
Link Posted: 11/1/2006 7:17:22 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/1/2006 7:19:49 AM EST
just send the fucking thing to the landfill.

I had a 94 SC1 and it was the worst car I have ever owned. Needless to say I will never own another Saturn
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[Last Edit: 11/1/2006 7:47:50 AM EST by SpacemanSpiff]
This is a very delicate problem with Saturns and requires a very specific fix. I will lay it out step by step for you:

1. Buy 3 quarts of Valvoline MaxLife 10W-40 oil. Don't cheap out and get the generic stuff, you will need those additives!

2. Using a funnel pour the oil evenly over your genitals, dont skimp, use all three quarts.

3. Using a blow torch, proceed to set your crotch afire. You will know you are doing it right when your nuts are fully engulfed in flames.

4. Get in the drivers seat of your saturn and start the ignition.

5. Set the shift lever into the Drive position (D)

6. Apply full throttle.

7. Carefully steer vehicle to the nearest high explosives factory or depot.

8. Apply no less than 10kg and no more than 87,000 kg of high explosives to the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

9. Turn on your left blinker

10. Apply a blasting cap or other booster charge to the H.E. surrounding your saturn.

11. Check for proper fluid level in your brake resirvoir. This is important!

12. Detonate the blasting cap from step 10.

I am a certified Saturn expert. What the saturn dealers dont tell you is that H.E. fixes about any problem the car will have.

Link Posted: 11/1/2006 7:52:04 AM EST

Oh, sorry. You mean...
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