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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/24/2001 10:36:19 AM EST
Ok, first off, I spent yesterday watching 10 straight taped hours of Band of Brothers..I see Krauts everywhere now. Anyone know about availability/price of the semi-auto versions of browning .30 cal machineguns? Are they as much fun as they look? Would I be the biggest badass at the range with one? Anyone have experience with them? They're 30'06, yes? Any and all info is welcome. Thanks guys. Hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend. Vass
Link Posted: 11/24/2001 1:20:23 PM EST
Here you go [url]http://www.usord.com/m1919a4.htm[/url]
Link Posted: 11/24/2001 2:10:21 PM EST
http://www.1919a4.com Everything you need is here. I have the .308 conversion on my 2. They are a blast. I have the Tippman, Yes the people who now make paintball guns. Have fun, after all happiness is a belt fed weapon.
Link Posted: 11/24/2001 2:35:37 PM EST
Go to 1919a4.com Follow their link to Ohio Ordnance and order the Argentinean that is converted from 8mm to .30-06. All you need is a right side plate and some panhead allen screws and a tap.
Link Posted: 11/24/2001 3:43:03 PM EST
I have two...but mine are both full auto. I'm sure they're fun in semi, but nothing comes close to burning a couple 250rd belts through one in full auto, hammer down all the way. If you want to get a semi, I'd recommend getting a "whammer-hammer" (a hand crank that puls the trigger as you turn the crank) to go with it as well as an A6 stock, and a good pedestal mount. Standing with your right hand on the crank and shoulder in the stock, you can use your left to move the gun to target. Off of a low tripod like an A2 or an A6 bipod, you're practically laying on the ground so it makes it hard to crank and move the gun at the same time. 1919's can be easily changed between .308, 3006, and 8mm...at least the full auto ones. I'm not sure about the internals of the semis, so caliber conversions there may be more problematic. All it takes is a change of the barrel, feed spacer, and bolt. Takes about 5 minutes. The ones out there being made right now are 1919A4's and run in the $1500-1800 range. If you want something a little more exotic and are willing to spend more for it, I know where there is one of the only two semi-auto DLO M37's (similar to a 1919, but is the tank version and feeds from either right or left side).
Link Posted: 11/25/2001 3:55:34 PM EST
Ok, thanks guys...I've been all over those sites and a few others the past few days....I am not on the verge of getting one, but it is now officially on the list of toys I must have (and maybe at the top). ANY OTHER INFO you can give me....experiences, issues that I should know about, problems, positives, range reactions, anything that comes to mind that you think may be helpful.... Pricing.....is it THAT much cheaper to put the sideplate on yourself (cut, drill, etc, all that goes along with it)? NONE of the ones I am likely to find are original, are they? They're all modern reproductions? As a quick aside, I see I can get a fully auto Ma Deuce for between 11k and 16k....Sweet baby Jesus, one more reason to keep socking money into that 401(k)....retirement is a long way off, but I can see I'm going to need lots of money. :) Live Free or Die. vass
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