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Posted: 5/1/2011 5:23:18 PM EDT
The fiancee and I are planning out honeymoon and we are interested in an all-inclusive deal somewhere in the Caribbean. We came across Sandals resorts tonight and everything looks great but I'm still hesitant booking it. Its just a lot of money (we can afford it) and I don't want to book something that is just going to suck. The other thing I'm concerned with is would a 25 and 24 year old newly wed couple fit in around there? We are not huge partiers and really just want a nice relaxing beach atmosphere where we can eat some good food and drink on the beach.

Any thoughts?
Link Posted: 5/1/2011 5:25:35 PM EDT
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Honeymoon in St.Lucia Grand.

I would leave tonight if I could afford to. It will ruin you. Add in about $100 per person per day if you want to do things on the island while there.

EVERYTHING they say in the adds are true. (as of 2004 anyway)

Be sure and ask about what they are giving away for honeymoon guest. We got an entire 4 pc set of Waterford crystal for free. We would have got a 5 pc luggage set for free also if we had booked 1 month later.

They let you make payments also if you want.

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Link Posted: 5/1/2011 5:26:37 PM EDT
Thailand, 3 trips.

only wore shoes when I dressed up.
Link Posted: 5/1/2011 5:26:47 PM EDT
We went to Sandals in Montego Bay. It was GREAT. It was my first time going anywhere and was thinking the same thing you are.

GO! You will not regret it.

No one cars who you are, you will fit in perfectly.
Link Posted: 5/1/2011 5:27:34 PM EDT
did an all inclusive in mexico and loved it.  Great balance between afordability and awesomness.
Link Posted: 5/1/2011 5:30:24 PM EDT
Originally Posted By MHarvey124:
Its just a lot of money (we can afford it)

Any thoughts?

Forgot, can you take us along also? You will never see us except on the plane I promis.

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Link Posted: 5/1/2011 5:31:53 PM EDT
Went in 2003 or so.


Loved it.

Only bad thing is the resort was in Ocho Ríos, about a four hour bus ride from the airport.  So after arriving, getting luggage, waiting for other flights, etc. etc, we didn't check in until almost 5PM.  Expensive first day to be starting at five.

Other than that, I wouldn't do anything different.

Link Posted: 5/1/2011 5:35:01 PM EDT
Sandals Halcyon St Lucia. Loved it.

Do NOT pay for a concierge suite.
Link Posted: 5/1/2011 5:37:00 PM EDT
Two trips to Dunns River Falls.  Great time but a long time ago.
Link Posted: 5/1/2011 5:39:39 PM EDT
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The other places may be great but we passed the one in Nassau on a bus on our way from the airport to the the Atlantis. The area beside the sandals resort looked like a public park or beach that had some shady characters milling about.

If u stay in Nassau i would suggest the Atlantis or the all-inclusive RIU(sp?)  they are both on what is called paradise island which seemed to be a higher class/ more safe  and catered to tourists moreso than the main island .
Link Posted: 5/1/2011 5:40:37 PM EDT
Originally Posted By HUMONGO:
Sandals Halcyon St Lucia. Loved it.

Do NOT pay for a concierge suite.

Forgot to add that St.Lucia has 3 resorts on the island and they have busses that run to each one. It's paying for 1 but getting 3 resorts. Also if you go, find out which restaurants get booked first and make resorvations there the first hour your there. They fill up quick.

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Link Posted: 5/1/2011 5:40:57 PM EDT
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