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Posted: 10/13/2004 7:58:38 PM EDT
I bought one of these front load washers almost 2 years ago. My wife and I liked the idea of the quiet operation and lower water and power useage. It cost a whopping $1000. I think the Whirlpool washer it replaced cost only $350 or so and lasted 10 years, before the motor fried and I tossed it figuring it was not worth repairing. Well there was a class action brought against Maytag for some problems that have plagued the Neptune line for some time. Mold is a big issue as well as some reoccuring mechanical troubles.

Mine crapped out the other day and spit out a code "nd"....no discharge. So you figure the pump is either clogger or bad right?? I wasn't sure how long the warranty was for so I looked through the paperwork and find out the labor is not covered, but some parts still are. I call them up and describe the problem to them and they tell me a service call runs $119 in my area..........I tell them to go ahead and send someone. They get here and spend a whole 11 minutes and tell me the pump is bad....and they don't have one in the truck and will be back 2 days later. I hope they don't expect me to pay for the second visit....when they should have had the part the first time. I wanted them to change out the moldy gasket as well, since the parts are covered and they tell me I have to contact Maytag directly to get a special authorization due to the class action and all. What a pain......I should have bought a cheapie as I would have messed wi5th that myself......or had no problem dumping it for a new one. Anyone else have this model washer and filing a claim for past repairs?
Link Posted: 10/13/2004 8:05:15 PM EDT
I just had mine serviced.

I actually had the updated model with the drain at the bottom of the gasket, but it was clogged - probably from using too much regular detergent - and had the mold problem

Luckily I remembered I had a service contract, though I"ve been living with the problem for awhile now because I forgot I bought the damned thing! Doh.

I think you'll have to pay for the gasket, then do the class action to recoop costs. But read the papers - you can get a new washer and/or some extra cash too.

I still think it's a great washer, but Maytag is kinda fucking up the support issue.
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