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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/4/2001 7:31:18 PM EST
Last December I had an 870 disappear. After tearing apart my house for the 100th time, it finally sunk in that some POS walked off with it. I filed a police report and gave them the serial #'s. Now what didnt make sense was the house wasnt broken into. Its always locked. I keep the expensive rifles/ handguns in a safe and the junkers in a gun cabinate. They were untouched. I got a tip that my BROTHER IN LAW was seen with a pump shotgun. (He dosn't own any firearms)I immediately hauled ass to my inlaws house and got him cornered in the basement and was ready to formaly introduce him to "knuckles" when he started crying like a baby. I remembered letting him use my driveway and tools to fix his car and that was how he got into my "unlocked house". My wife left for 15min to pickup our daughter. I had left the 870 unlocked in the basement. I got my shotgun back but you wouldnt belive the shit I heard from my mother in law when I attempted to press charges against him. "You wont be allowed at the house ever again" My reply to this was[-!-!-] bitch. I felt sorry for my wife since she got put in the middle. You feel violated when your a victem of a burgulary.
Link Posted: 8/4/2001 7:43:02 PM EST
That sucks! My ex-wife, who was it turned out, a completely mad lunatic stole a S&W M-19 from me. First handgun I ever bought and she said I musta lost it or something. Yeah right bitch! I lost my Model 19? Anyhow, I hope she discovers it one day as it falls off the top shelf in my closet where it stayed for 10 years. I consder that a theft but the local sheriff disagreed.
Link Posted: 8/4/2001 7:55:44 PM EST
Someone broke into my house and stole a Steyr AUG-SA and a S&W 645. The handgun was recovered nine years later, but the AUG is still floating around somewhere. My insurance covered it, but still... Shortly afterward I purchased my first gun safe.
Link Posted: 8/4/2001 7:57:01 PM EST
Originally Posted By X--Kill: I consder that a theft but the local sheriff disagreed.
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Yup! Had a ring of her's came up missing, you're butt would have been sentenced to ten years!
Link Posted: 8/4/2001 8:13:57 PM EST
Link Posted: 8/4/2001 8:24:11 PM EST
I got my shotgun back but you wouldnt belive the shit I heard from my mother in law when I attempted to press charges against him. "You wont be allowed at the house ever again" My reply to this was[-!-!-] bitch.
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If I could only get my MIL to say that to me! No more holidays at the in-laws!
Link Posted: 8/4/2001 8:36:40 PM EST
Smoken44, I had almost the same thing happen. I was buying a new house in Montana and living in a rental, which was for sale, until the deal closed. I had a bunch of rifles in gun cases in the closet and a bunch more just wrapped up in moving blankets. My father and two younger brothers came over to help move the heavy stuff from the rental and my storage locker to the new house. About 3 weeks later we were unpacking and moving things around when I found one of the gun cases empty. I had to get out all of my guns and do an inventory (right in the middle of unpacking our entire household). I found my Marlin 1893 Lightweight Carbine missing. Why would someone take that gun and leave the gun case? Especially when there were far more expensive guns in the other cases. I figured it was one of the real estate agents that had been showing the rental house that was for sale. When I told my father about it he said my 18 year old brother had a new lever action gun. I f!!!!!! came unglued. I drove to Kalispell from Great Falls in record time and cornered my little brother in the back yard of my fathers house. He fell down several times trying to run away (That's my story and I'm sticking to it). His excuse was, "You have so many guns it's not fair." Anyway I got the rifle back with only one small scratch, on the first knuckle on the right hand.
Link Posted: 8/5/2001 3:09:00 PM EST
I first posted the below to the "scariest Range incident" post so the wording is geared toward that but the info is relevant to this discussion: I was at a local indoor gun range. I took my wife (girlfriend at the time) and a co-worker out for some handgun instruction. While there I noticed a guy shooting a Glock 23 in the next lane. I also was shooting a .40 cal but mine was a S&W Model 4013. I struck up a conversation with him about .40 S&W's and I asked if I could see the Glock, as I was thinking about getting one. (I had previously owned one but it was stolen from my car in a smash and grab. In fact the money I got from insurance is what I used to buy the used S&W I was shooting.) Long story short, as anyone who's had a gun stolen knows, I had memorized the Serial # of my Glock 23. I glanced carefully at the serial #'s. . . THIS IS MY GUN!!!!I thought. I was getting weak in the knees, and tried to be as nonchalant about the whole thing and handed him back 'his' gun. He went back to shooting and I turned back down range and fired the remaining shells from my S&W because I was shaking so bad I didn't dare unload it. I turned to my g/f and friend and told them we have to go NOW! We got out of the range area, went up to the front counter and explained the situation to the shop owner. He let us look at the thief's name on the logs and we thanked him and left. My g/f and I go to the police department after looking up this guys address and phone # in the phone book and give the police his info. A week passed with no word or anything. Finally one day I get a call at work from the police department that they have recovered my handgun from this guy, and when could I come and pick it up. They wanted to press charges but the District Attorney said no. The guy claims he paid $110 at a bar for it. My glock was missing for exactly one year from date of purchase when I spotted it in the pistol range. Believe it or not that gun looks almost NO different! Very slight wear on the slide, cosmetic only and still 95% new looking. The above is true story. Steven L. P.S. I couldn't let my Glock go back to the insurance company after this situation so I bought it back from them.
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