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Posted: 5/21/2005 6:07:46 PM EDT
It's been three months since my pit bull attack while on the job. I had a MMI done for workman's comp Thursday on my right hand. The test was to determine how much disability I will have due to the injuries. It basically was a test of flexibility, strength, and feeling. The ring finger tested out at 100% so I'm not really worried about it. The thumb was another story. Flexibility and strength were close to normal but there is quite a bit of tenderness and loss of feeling in the area from the right of where the nail used to be out to the end of the thumb. I have to be very careful to pick up heavy things with the pad and base of the thumb so I can keep a grip on it.

My question is who is responsible for any future problems I may have. Will Verizon and workman's comp take care of it or will I have to.  If I take a monetary settlement do I release them from anything? I have not had a final meeting with them yet but I want to know what to expect when we do meet.

This will be a Texas case if that makes any difference.
Link Posted: 5/21/2005 6:37:57 PM EDT
Hmmm each state varies. CA laws are different... all I know is my case went fast, easy and actually went back to work QUICKER than the doctors wanted me to. Then again mine was a simple surgery and away we go. Your case sounds more involved and some long lasting damage. I wish I could help.
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