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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/27/2001 5:59:07 PM EST
Was up late the other night, surfing on my DSS Satellite and stopped on "World Link TV". What a liberal hogwash propaganda outlet. They had a show about children in war, which focused mostly on the fighting in Sierra Leone. They were saying how the United States would not sign a UN sponsored "treaty" that would ban all training, educating, and participation in any oraganized Army or defense force of anyone under the age of 18. They interviewed teenagers who had been forced at gunpoint by rebels to join their forces and were made to cook, carry water, and fight for their cause. Basically they were kidnapped and often times other family members were executed. Once again, the mighty USA was portrayed as the evil reason for all the worlds problems, as only us and one other country refused to sign this "treaty", (as even ROTC training would be against the rules). What these morons that produced this show don't seem to understand is that we can sign as many treaties as you can dream up but when a bunch of psychos get together and start murdering and kidnapping people your "treaty" doesn't mean very much. After this went off, a show titled "Agenda 21" came on and it was a typical liberal "the sky is falling" portrayal of the rain forrest, global warming, logging, etc. etc. National health care was not mentioned, I guess that's probably in another episode. After all this, a commercial was shown asking for donations to keep them on the air, and donations could be sent to their headquarters in San Francisco (how fitting). I don't know if this is on any cable service around the country (probably in Kalifornia), but I can tell you it has now been edited out of my "favorites" cahannel list. Sorry, just had to vent.
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