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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/2/2002 9:50:55 PM EST
My wife emailed this to me. I work nights so I didn't get to actually watch the story on the tube. [url=http://abcnews.go.com/sections/2020/DailyNews/GMAB_lynx_020802.html]Missing Lynx[/url]
Link Posted: 8/2/2002 10:51:00 PM EST
Oh yea I remember that happening last summer. What a crock of crap. Do you think our president did anything to help? Of course not, his answer was to give the farmers low interest loans. They did not even open the gates up for the farmers until an outside investigation was done to determine that the stupid fish would be fine. There were alot of people who lost alot of money over the whole sucker fish in klamoth lake. Funny thing about the water level at klamoth lake, it was almot completely full of water! The US forest service is a big joke. We are haveing one of the biggest fire seasons here in oregon and because of US Forest Service policies it makes the fires hard to fight. Basically alot of the US forest service policies concering fighting forest fires is geared toward trying to let the fires burn as long as possible, get this, the US forest service gets its dollors for its budget based upon the previous years fires fought.So it is in there best interest to let fires burn as long as possible so that resources and money is used so then the next year they say we need X amount of dollors more allocated to our budget to fight forest fires because last years fires cost us this amount of money.It is a big mess. Meanwhile there are thousands of people that are loseing there homes,and farm lands due to fires. Not to mention lumber companies losing there potential profits from lumber harvests. The United States forest service does not care about the people and the environment, it is all about money and to push there own radical political views. Here is one example of stupid United States forest service policy: In fighting forest fires they use helicopters to dump water and fire retardent onto fires. So the United States forest service contracts out to companies that have helicopters to do this kind of job. A little side note hear to help understand this: These same helicopter companies also use the helicopter to do logging, and to haul christmas trees during the tree cutting season up here in the northwest. These helicopter pilots fly during these times up to ten hours aday without a break, the helicopters are designed to fly 8 hours without the need to refuel also.The helicopter pilots that fly these crafts are some of the best pilots around and have thousands of hours flying, and a high percentage of the pilots are vietnam vets that flew in vietnam. Well here is a stupid forest service policy for you. All helicopter pilots must take a break every 2 and a half hours. So what this means is that if a helicopter is on a fire they must leave every 2and a half hours, fly up to 20 minutes away were they can land there craft, take there break and go back to the fire. So a total of 45 mintutes to up to one hour is wasted in fighting a forest fire, 45 minutes to up to one hour wasted in fighting a forest fire can mean the loss of hundreds of homes, and thousands of aceres of farm land. This is just one example of many that are so stupid in our good ol United States Forest Service.
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