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Posted: 1/10/2003 4:42:59 PM EDT
My neighbor just slapped on me *FREE* 1973 (I think) Honda 750 Four POLICE MOTORCYCLE!!!  Yup, I said free.  So anyhow, it is in so-so shape appearancewise, but that can all be fixed.  The motor is very sound, great compression.  *BUT*, the wiring is all FUBAR.  What I think I need to do is remove all wiring and start anew.  Has anyone had any experience with such a thing?  Hell, I may even pull the whole bike apart and start anew, who knows.  I guess I need to find, if there is one, a source for a wiring kit and diagram, like you can buy for rebuilding gutted VW Bugs.  So, any of you experts out there got any knowledge for me?
Link Posted: 1/10/2003 5:29:10 PM EDT
Before you take off the original wiring harness,map it.You can make one your self,but it is not that easy and very time consuming.you can still buy the mechanics manual from Honda,and it will give you a complete schematic of the harness,the drawback is a lot of the connectors are not made anymore.You might do better to call a motorcycle salvage shop and see if they can find you a replacement.
Link Posted: 1/10/2003 5:37:28 PM EDT
That was my first motorcycle!  Good bike.  I've since had 3.  I kept moving away and selling them.

I drove one of them from Texas to California with everything I owned at the time strapped to the back.

It was a lot of fun.  Good luck with it.
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