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Posted: 10/28/2004 2:46:06 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/30/2004 11:45:32 AM EDT by jtw2]
Anybody watch this from the Magpul sight? Any good? Worth getting?

The Paraclete

Category: Magpul Related & Misc. Gear
The Paraclete -Special Edition DVD
Description: The Paraclete is a highly visual-nonliner short film produced as a Master's Thesis at the University of Southern California of Cinema- Television. The story is about a former Navy SEAL sent to Bosnia on a recon mission and what happens when his past catches up with him in present-day Detroit. --------------- DVD mastering sponsored by Magpul Industries and includes bonus features such as Director's commentry soundtrack and The making of "The Paraclete". -------------- Time 35 minutes. -------------- “The Paraclete” is the single best student film we’ve ever seen, and could ever hope to see. It is a story about childhood, homeland, the impossible loss of both to violence, as well as the dreadful sweetness of memory, powerless to bring back either. It is simultaneously delicate and violent, direct and mysterious, convulsively felt, and absolutely original. The film’s story-telling structure . . . has the eloquence of a sonnet. -Tiare White & Camille Landau “What They Don’t Teach You at Film School” ---------------------------------------------------------- So, what was it like? A haunting combination of imagery and sound. Realistic - but surreal at the same time. I was thoroughly impressed. The attention to detail was unnerving. Although the firearms use was a small part of the on-screen time, it was some of the best "contact" that I have seen put on the screen. No hokey BS. When the fire fight starts, it rolls into that frozen series of microseconds that make up combat. Back in the city, as the cop goes undercover in an investigation that unravels in the back seat of a car, the sense of the inevitable violence grows until it just rolls off the screen at you, then explodes in a shotgun/pistol fight at close range. Dynamic stuff, not the kind of crap you see on television. Dan Shea, Technical Editor Small Arms Review June 1998
Price: $14.95

Link Posted: 10/28/2004 3:34:24 PM EDT
No, but I've heard good stuff about it.
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