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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/29/2001 6:18:58 PM EST
I just rented a movie called Tigerland. It was about Infantry AIT in 1971. Real interesting movie. Brought back a lot of memories -- like the fact that it is indeed possible to train for combat in regular O.D. green rather than having to have camo BDU's. Anyone else see it? What did you think?
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 6:49:35 PM EST
Funny you should ask. I rented it the other day with some others for the family. watched the other ones and went out, got back, ready to get into this one, I just put it in and the kids came home, I thought what the hell as long as they're quiet they can watch if they want, but within the first 15 minutes the gratuitus sex scene came up and the 5 year old caught on, so I thought I could finish it later but never got the chance I was PISSED It looked pretty good, at least the begining was. I'll have to rent it again
Link Posted: 6/26/2001 7:29:34 AM EST
I saw it yesterday. It was OK, I was nine years old in 1971, so I couldnt tell you jack sh*&t about accuracy, from what I have been told--DI's could get away with a lot more than what you see in this movie. I doubt seriously that a new soldier could get away with some of the things that went on, but then again I wasn't there so I couldn't comment, call it a gut feeling. [(:)] I would have liked to see them after a month in country though... Another point--I think the reason we didnt see them in country is because of what the one guy says about war in general in the story he tells us about luck and chance. Basic Listen and Learn could save your life. Survival of the fittest? Not when we invented artillary and mortars.
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