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Posted: 4/8/2001 8:46:59 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/8/2001 9:14:51 PM EST by schv]
Just curious, who all out there owns a Jeep? I know Jeep owners are a pretty close knit family, just wondering if any of my fellow brothers were on this board. I currently own a 98 TJ Sport, 6 cyl. 5-speed. Am looking for a CJ-5, CJ-7. Have owned Levi edition CJ, and a Quadra-trac Wagoneer. What do you have? [8D]
Link Posted: 4/8/2001 9:05:12 PM EST
97 ZJ Limited, V8, full time 4x4, everything except the sunroof. Love it to death. [flag]
Link Posted: 4/8/2001 10:53:59 PM EST
I bought a 2001 Jeep Cherokee sport in October, I love it. They only regret was not getting one sooner. When we got almost 2 feet of snow this winter I was glad I had it. I dont know how I ever survived with out the 4X4. Six
Link Posted: 4/8/2001 10:57:20 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/8/2001 10:58:57 PM EST by OgreBait]
I have a 1985 CJ7 and could probably sink another 20 grand into it before I was satisfied. But then again, I still wouldn't be satisfied. Jeep=Just Empty Every Pocket
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 12:30:20 AM EST
I got a 1987 Jeep Cherokee Utility with a stock D44 in the rear. So far I've lifted it 2 inches, upgraded the stereo, installed a CB, and hard mounted a Garmin GPS III+. Oh, and I lined the floor with bedliner.
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 1:22:48 AM EST
1979 CJ5. 258 straight 6 with the 4 speed and granny gear. It could use a clutch right now but it starts every time and I wouldn't hessitate to head out cross country in it.
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 1:57:49 AM EST
97 TJ Wrangler.
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 2:03:01 AM EST
I've got a 1963 Willys CJ5 "kit" in the garage no engine right now. It has 12 forward gears (a three speed split twice) and 4 reverses! :-) It has 5.88 third members. I also have 1978 J10 pickup in the yard, no transmission. They've all been sitting for about 2 years. That's my investment in precious metals! TF [^]
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 2:44:58 AM EST
Cherokee Sport, '99 . . . my winter car. Yeah, I'd buy another in a heartbeat. Got a friend who's a certified, card-carrying Jeep fiend: he's got three CJ7's. In the winter he puts the top on. Sometimes.
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 2:49:09 AM EST
[Last Edit: 4/9/2001 2:52:19 AM EST by benny6]
61 M-38A1 Willys with an early 70's Chevy 350. Dana 30 in front, 44 in rear, Spicer tranny, Warn all range overdrive. Ford/Mercury drum brakes. Chevy ram head exhaust with glass packs. Rochester Quadra-junk from a 75 Cadillac 425 V-8. Steering column from a 70's Buick Riviera and a GM Saginaw steering box bolted to a 1/2" steel plate welded to the frame. Rusted floor boards, and multi-colored! [%|]
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 4:13:43 AM EST
Had 3 Heeps, last one put the nail in the Jeep/Chrysler coffin. It leaked EVERY fluid it had(and one it didn't (rain)) spent more money on floor-dry than gas. That and every one became a rusted POS in no time. Seen the new jeep Cherokee-the cheaper, boxy version-it seems almost like an import with small lightweight doors and cheap plastic interior. I dont have any experience with the grand cherokee-it looks like a halfway decent vehicle.
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 4:43:20 AM EST
'92 Wrangler, '97 Grand Cherokee. Selling the Wrangler this year for something larger.
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 4:45:08 AM EST
[Last Edit: 4/9/2001 4:51:22 AM EST by markm]
98 TJ WRANGLER SPORT! Check this site out if you like TJ's custom conversions! http://www.tcvinc.com [:P]
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 5:43:02 AM EST
'94 Wrangler, 5 speed
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 5:52:40 AM EST
1984 CJ7 Laredo. Lots of fun to drive but a pain when trying to lock it up. Considering an SUV.
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 5:58:03 AM EST
94 Cherokee 6 cyl 2 wheel drive. Very crude vehicle but for the money not too bad overall. 140k miles and climbing.
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 6:02:46 AM EST
1999 TJ Sport Bulletproof bumpers front and rear Atlas II 4.3 Transfer case Detriot locer in D44 rear ARB locker in D30 front 33x12.5x15 SSR Swampers York On-Board Air for running air tools Warn 9500 Winch Rhino'd tub 4.5 Rubicon Express lift 2" body lift skid plates up the wazoo etc etc etc $$$
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 6:06:09 AM EST
94 Cherokee, 4.0L. Flowmaster exhaust, K&N Conical filter setup, warn 4" lift, 31" tires, warn winch bumper with warn 8000lb. winch, KC 165 watt lights, entire interior lined with dynamat, 600 watt sony sound system, dual optima batteries. 95 Wrangler, 3" lift, 31" tires, 165 watt KC lights, entire interior lined with herculiner. k&n conical filter, flowmaster exhaust, 200 watt sony sound system, warn 8000 lb. winch on tomken bumper. jeeps, gotta lov'em
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 6:23:55 AM EST
Had an '83 CJ-7. Must have been some sort of lemon as it had 3 rearends under it in 35,000 miles. Transfer case gave it up at 50,000 with very little 4x4 use. Girls loved it though, the only vehicle I've owned where they would run and jump in at a stop light. Used to put it in lo on the beach and jump out and jog beside it as it crawled along. Windshield folding flat was cool too.
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 6:32:17 AM EST
'97 ZJ, withspecial accessory: "deer damage" Lets see, use money to fix dents/scrapes, or buy more guns? Dents will be there for awhile [:D]
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 6:36:42 AM EST
80 CJ5 has about 230K miles on it never been rebuilt. Has the old cast iron 4cyl. Been all over the United States in it. Parts of Canada too. Still runs but is about ready for a new engine. Best darn toy I ever bought.
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 6:58:32 AM EST
Hey 7, you know any good places to go wheeling around here?
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 7:10:28 AM EST
01 TJ, hardtop. Hasn't seen that much off road use, other than taking me, the wife and guns to the desert for shooting. however, my cousin came out this weekend with his rig (99 TJ, 35", lots of other stuff), and we had some fun! Hill climbs, a little rocks...the wife is already talking suspension lift and 33"....Yet ANOTHER expense to cut into the gun fund...
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 7:33:48 AM EST
[Last Edit: 4/9/2001 7:40:34 AM EST by Alta]
77 CJ5 304 3 sp(sucks - I know) lock-rites ft and rear, 3" lift, 33" BFG Mud Terains, desert Dynamics winch, Full heavy cage, KCs, Rancho 9000's, Ford F250 ft shock mounts, some wierd dual ratio steering box that seems to work, lots of skid plates, dual exhaust, rack for gas cans and an ice chest, hard top, soft top, and bikini top, and of course a decent stereo. Even has the "rare" Levi package. Orig paint in good shape too, after numerour Rubicon trips and other crazy adventures. It is now in semi-retirement and sees duty as a desert machine (gets there on a tow bar) and around the ranch - my version of a quad. I bought this thing in the early 80's , sold it to buy my first house, then bought it back again a few years back, and now its part of the family forever. [beer] Oh yeah - my son has had two of em, and my daughter just bought a dark green 94 (CJ? what ever they call em now-a-days) must run in the family. Im so damn proud! More [beer] !
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 7:55:25 AM EST
Originally Posted By SNIPERm88: Hey 7, you know any good places to go wheeling around here?
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There aren't any legit local places. This past weekend was a huge offroad event in Gore Virginia. About 2 hours away. West of Winchester. Some of the best trails on the East coat, like Tellico. The closes place is Peters Mill which is out near Shenandoah. Out 66 and about 10 miles down 81. If you want more info, just msg me and I can give you exact directions. I'll probably take my jeep to the shoot on the 21st.
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 7:55:55 AM EST
[Last Edit: 4/9/2001 7:58:11 AM EST by target435]
1995 Jeep Wrangler.4x4 . 5 spd . 4v . custom center console . tilt wheel . five star mags. P205 tires. Alpine CD/Cassette System. carpeting and carpeted floor mats . They snap out, remove the rear seat and VIOLA an instant pickup. soft top Ginger with Forest Green Body
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 8:01:24 AM EST
My wife drives a loaded '97 Grand Cherokee Limited. 60,000 miles and not a problem yet. I love this thing; and when I'm really good she lets me drive it. I'm going to get one when I replace my current ride.
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 8:08:03 AM EST
We're a two-Jeep family, both Cherokee Sports.
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 8:24:21 AM EST
'75 CJ5 I brought back from Calif. with a built 401. The 5.0 Mustangs hate me until I hit 3rd. gear.
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 9:20:03 AM EST
target435 please don't tell me you've lowered your jeep to match the p205 tires??!! Man give your jeep some respect and lift the thing with some reasonable tires. idaho-ar15
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 9:25:37 AM EST
88 XJ (Cherokee) 4.0L 5 speed with 254,000 miles (including quite a few in Baja, offroad).
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 12:59:10 PM EST
Just purchased a 2001 Cherokee Sport 4X4 a couple months ago. My first SUV and I love it!![:D] Carries more guns and ammo than my previous sports cars. [>]:)]
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 1:11:06 PM EST
I currently own: 1946 CJ-2a (semi-restored) 1957 FC150 (waiting restoration or a new home) 1960 CJ-6 (chassis only, needs new tub) 1951 M38 (in pieces, have most of it) 1943 MB (plows my drive-way each winter, and yard work in summer) I had owned: 1961 CJ-5 1957 Utility Wagon 1959 Utility Wagon 1960 Utility Wagon 1983 fullsize Wagaoneer There is only one jeep, Willys-Overland The jeep name and concept should be owned by the American people OSA
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 1:31:16 PM EST
1978 CJ-5 304 3 speed, power & torque in all 3 gears, would'nt have it any other way! 33" tires Fiberglass body tub, fenders & hood from 4 Wheel Drive Hardware. It'll never rust & go about anywhere I want it to! It don't get any better than that. COLTSHORTY GOA KABA COA JPFO SAF NRA "I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I require the same from them."
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 1:41:13 PM EST
I own an 88 Jeep Commanche. The engine is a 4.0 straight 6. Great Engine. The transmission sucks. I am on the second one. The blinker switch is worn out and so is the ignition. The clear coat has peeled and it looks like crap. The only reason I keep it is because it is payed off. I would never buy another Jeep or any Chrysler product.
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 1:53:39 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 2:10:11 PM EST
I keep noticing this.. how come everyone with a ZJ has a 97 like mine? Did they just make a whole bunch more of them that year or what? Also, anyone know of a good doal exhaust system for one of these with the 5.2? I prefer dual to single pipe designs but can't seem to find on. It may be that the underside just doesn't have room for one, but it's worth some more looking.
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 2:25:51 PM EST
98 Grand Cherokee. I am a big fan.
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 2:58:04 PM EST
I love my '86 CJ-7 Laredo, 2" lift, 33" tires, stock 258 and 5spd. No rust, only 65,000 miles. (Bein in the military don't get to drive it much). Can't wait to drive around with no top again!!
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 3:03:57 PM EST
I own two but only get to drive one. (Teenage kid!) 91 Cherokee I use to cart my hangglider around on and a 97 TJ Wrangler that my 17 year old uses as a chick magnet. He owes me BIG TIME! Jeeps remind me of AR's you can keep adding dodads until your heart's content or until your money runs out which ever comes first. Semper Fi Rocketman
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 3:16:48 PM EST
Got a 92 Cherokee Laredo with 116,000 miles and looks and runs like new. Had a 82 CJ7 with a lift 31" skins and all the goodies. Have had a new XJ every year from 1997 to present{2001} and am going to be hating it if they dis-continue them for the new Liberty. "It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand"
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 6:07:37 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/9/2001 6:10:39 PM EST by schv]
Thanks for all of the responses, there are some very cool rides on this board!!! [:)]
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 6:23:53 PM EST
My wife had a 94 Grand Cherokee Laredo V8 4WD. The only reason we traded it was because we needed something with the third seat option. Now she drives a 2001 Dodge Durango R/T.
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 7:03:46 PM EST
Yeah, I have a 79 cj7 that about 4 years ago started a total ground up resto. on. It took me 2 years to complete. EVERY nut and bolt came off it. EVERY bearing, EVERY seal, the real deal. I didnt go nuts with a huge lift though. Went 4 inches over stock. It is a 304 rebuilt about 70000 ago, with a TH400 auto tranny built strong, quadratrac, AMC rear with one piece axles. I built a custom stainless dash with auto meter guages in it. ( I SWEAR I WILL NEVER WORK WITH STAINLESS AGAIN!) etc,,, I still could use seats because as it was just being finished, I got divorced and never had the $ to get them. I am more tied to my Jeep than anything else I own. Probably will end up homeless and unemployed living out of it, before I think of selling it. Dont get me started talking Jeeps, my wife will never get me off this damn computer. Brian
Link Posted: 4/10/2001 7:51:46 AM EST
Link Posted: 4/10/2001 3:20:54 PM EST
1999 TJ SE Bone stock - still on the original P225s 93,000 miles and counting No problems with it yet [img]http://www.zing.com/picture/pe7cca3c3f97cf7a9318ba2c8d206d053/ff5b0504.jpg.orig.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 4/10/2001 3:45:50 PM EST
87 Wrangler. Lift kit, new 33inch tires, new 327 V8, for sale. It nice but my dad can't drive it anymore he has medical problems and he can't use his left leg.
Link Posted: 6/9/2001 3:18:54 PM EST
1983 CJ8 (Scrambler). Full soft top and 2 back seats. A 6 passenger Jeep CJ!
Link Posted: 6/9/2001 3:21:33 PM EST
I have a 80 cj5, rusted to be damned. Original 4 banger, has had a few carbourators put on it. The seats are covered with an old shelter half that I trimmed and tied to the seat pads with some light rope. has a low low 4x4 and hi low 4x4 and standard 4 speed shift. My son originally had painted it a light color, with brown splotches. Kinda looked like a holstein cow. Actually it only has about 17 and a half thousand miles on it. They used to drive it out to asseteague (spelling) island off the Va coast and chase the ponies with it. Stayed parked a goodly number of years til I got ahold of it and got it running. Runs like a striped assed ape now. It's fun. Got to be the butt ugliest jeep in the state of Az, but it's mine and I love it. Kelly
Link Posted: 6/9/2001 3:41:25 PM EST
'93 Cherokee Sport with 112,000 miles. I hope to get another 112K out of it.
Link Posted: 6/9/2001 4:21:56 PM EST
[img]http://www.finalfront.com/hosting/users/geepgeep/jeepx2.JPG[/img] 1998 TJ 6 cylinder 5 speed dann 44 with limited slip mile marker hydraulic winch ...and the cash trail goes on! This pic was taken in Colorado
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