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Posted: 10/1/2011 5:47:19 PM EST
Ever since getting into Graduate School, my diet had become horrible. I had gained almost 25lbs. Taco Bell and McDonalds were becoming the norm, since they were quick and cheap. Fruits and veggies? Haha...yeah right. I might have had 1 or 2 servings per week, if that. My father saw what was happening and got me one of those Blend-Tec blenders.

Since then, I started tossing fruit and veggies in it and 60 seconds later, I have more servings in a drink than most people eat in a week. Also, since it's not a juicer, all the fiber is still in there. That has been explosive at times. I have already lost 6lbs after using it for 3 weeks. My energy seems up and for about 2 hours after drinking a juice, I don't want to sit still.

What I am trying to figure out now is how to control the thickness of the drinks. A lot of times, even when I add extra water, it still comes out thick. Also, I am trying to find better receipes than what are in the blendtec book. Any ideas you guys can toss out would be appreciated.
Link Posted: 10/2/2011 6:56:21 PM EST
Oh I kind of like the thickness! A nice sludge. I do banana, 4 strawberries, about 12 blue berries, a few black berries, some Pom Juice, and milk.

I've run out of certain ingredients and it always seems like the Strawberries are the ones that are causing the thickening. WIthout strawberries it's more of a slime. Those juices you get in the stores are going to be pretty engineered, even the good ones. Nobody wants to buy sludge, just the same way real motsarella on your pizza is kind of gross. Even on my fancy thin crust wood fire cooked pizza's I like my fake processed cheese from New Jersey.

Of course I don't really like the taste of home makde smoothies anyways. I like the feeling I get from drinking it. Eggs and bacon taste a heck of a lot better but you have that fat f*** feel afterwards. Smoothies you feel good afterwards. And yes there's the pooping reward.

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