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Posted: 5/19/2002 4:08:56 PM EST
 Ok, I'm at the dealership and already drove the car, agreed on a price and filling out the credit app.  I already know I'm solid gold on credit and will come back approved.  The sales lady sticks a marketing agreement in my face and says I have to sign it before they will process the credit app.  Basic marketing saying I approve of them sharing my info with third party sources "business partners".  I say I don't want any more cold calls and won't sign it.  She gets snotty and tells me if I don't sign I don't get the car unless I produce a cashiers check.  I say fine and start to leave at which point she runs and pulls her manager over to "explain" that even though the marketing agreement says they will sell the info they really won't.  I thank them for their time and walk.
 Now what I want to know is why would a salesperson let me walk over something as silly as selling my info to cold callers?  There can't be that much money involved in it.
Link Posted: 5/19/2002 4:23:36 PM EST
Thats strange! I recently applied at Bell Honda here in Phoenix for a technician position, and they refused to look at my application unless I signed a credit report request, and agreed to broadcast my info. I personnally felt that it was their ability to pay that was most in question!
Link Posted: 5/19/2002 4:32:47 PM EST
Just go down the street to the next dealership of the same car company.  Tell them that you want to buy the car you saw at the previous dealership, but that you won't sign anything that will allow them to sell your info to sales agencies.  Tell them you're willing to allow them to run your credit for their purposes (that is unless you get other financing) but you want the car the the same price the other dealership was offering.  Tell them EXACTLY what it is you want for them to sell you the car.  See what they do.

They should be able to just trade cars with the other dealership and get you that EXACT same car if it's still available.  If they aren't willing to do that, then get your own financing from your bank/credit union, etc.

Link Posted: 5/19/2002 6:40:25 PM EST
Emailed a local competitor.  Told them I had driven and was ready to buy.  Asked for the same terms.  Also told them of my dislike toward the marketing thing.  If nothing else I already have a master app at my CU.  One phone call and it's a done deal.  Just wanted the vw promo financing.
Link Posted: 5/19/2002 6:45:56 PM EST
Not to hijack your thread...BUT while we have our brethern car dealers attention...

I am starting the lemon law process with Chevy...If anyone has any helpful tips PLEASE shoot me an email...I will be eternally indebted..


Link Posted: 5/19/2002 9:33:08 PM EST
  The sales lady sticks a marketing agreement in my face and says I have to sign it before they will process the credit app.  
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I sold cars for about six months at a Toyota dealership & I've never heard of such a thing.

I would've told them to stick it up their ass & went to a dealer that didn't have such BS.

Did you walk?
Link Posted: 5/20/2002 2:51:40 AM EST
Yes I walked.  She pretty much freaked when I did and literally ran to her manager and pulled him away from what he was doing.  The thing is when I declined to sign she told me "then sir, what you need to do is bring in a cashiers check or write me a check for the car"  At that point no matter what I decide to do I have to leave in order to do it.  Didn't she think of that before she blurted it out?  Now I'm shopping the same figure to her competitors.  As long as they don't beat me up they will get my business.  Whatever.
Link Posted: 5/20/2002 3:19:57 PM EST
You want bizarre, how's this:

Last Friday, I added another signer to a corporate account for a nonprofit organization.  The bank insisted that I sign something for a "credit check" on myself, even though I (a) have my personal account at the bank, (b) have credit accounts at the bank, (c) have been the primary on that nonprofit's account for the last three years, and (d) wasn't doing anything to change *my* association with the bank or the account.

When I tore the paper up, their rep said she would just print it out again.

They also demanded the same paperwork for the new signer.  Wouldn't add him if he didn't agree, period.
Link Posted: 5/20/2002 3:55:30 PM EST
I have been driving other peoples throwaways for the last eight years due to the same type of overall treatment received by BHoliway.

I often wonder if it is possible to drive away from a car dealer in a new car without having the feeling of just being phucked.
Link Posted: 5/20/2002 4:47:00 PM EST
 Here's the end of the story.  Emailed another vw dealer and briefly explained the situation.  Also added my beacon fico score.  New dealer sales manager calls my wife at 8:00am.  Wife calls me at work.  Floor manager calls my wife at 10:00am and apologizes on behalf of vw even though it didn't happen at his dealership.  I call them and leave work early to look at cars.  They sell me a new Jetta for invoice and don't beat me up one bit.  I had already aranged for $500 over invoice on any car on the lot but since the closest one to what I wanted had $500 worth of options I didn't want they just gave it to me at invoice.
 Guess what, they just earned a customer and lots of free local word of mouth advertising from me.  
 As soon as I got home with it my wife took it and left me to get a ride back to Everett with a neighbor to pick up my truck.  Story of my life.
Link Posted: 5/20/2002 7:12:07 PM EST

Make things worse for the first dealer. Write a letter to Corporate VW! Just be concise, use as much factual information, names, dates, etc. You might have to go back and verify names (send a friend).

They just LOVE that shit! You might end up with some nice free stuff, or another refund!

Watched this happen on another discussion board with a BMW motorcycle dealer. The guy ended up with a completely new riding suit (~ worth $1,000.00 retail)
Link Posted: 5/20/2002 9:12:44 PM EST
Definitely write a letter to VW corporate.

I'm that guy that businesses who put the customer first love to see walk in the door, and the one that businesses who try to bend customers over hate to see darken their door. I fill out comment cards, I make phone calls, I follow up, I write letters with names, dates, times and invoice numbers.

I wrote a letter to the president of Anderson Brothers Moving and Storage regarding the move they did to get my wife and I out here to Dallas from Orange County, California. I got the name of the lady who coordinated the move back at the home office, the name of the guy she sent to survey our house and belongings, the name of the driver, the names of the local CA crew that packed our house and the names of the guys who delivered and unpacked our stuff here in Texas. I told them what a great job everyone did and how impressed I was with their dedication to customer satisfaction.

The president called me to thank me, then some general manager called me back to ask if they could print my letter in their company newsletter, then the lady at the office who I named in the letter called me and thanked me.

On the other hand, when our builder here in Texas played silly games, I started a file and kept note of every phone call and letter and agreement. I put the fear of God into the president of the Dallas office so bad that he sent a crew of guys: painters, electrician, tile guys and carpenters all at once to get my damned kitchen island in finally and get me off his back. He also apologized about twelve times and sent my wife and I a fifty dollar gift certificate to Salt Grass Steakhouse.

When food trash from the site next door kept blowing onto my lawn and not getting cleaned up, even after I brought it to the super's attention a few times, I came home from work one day and [b]filled[/b] a kitchen garbage bag with trash just from my property. I got in my truck and took it to the model home/sales office in my neighborhood, walked in and plunked it down on the saleslady's desk. I told her, "This isn't my trash. It's yours, and everyday that I have to pick up your trash, I'm bringing it here and giving it to you. I don't care if you have customers in here. Your trash is your trash."

What do you know? When I got home --a three minute drive-- the super had a crew of four guys putting up a fence between the construction site and my house. He begged me to let him handle it from now on.
Link Posted: 5/20/2002 9:22:25 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/20/2002 9:33:46 PM EST
You've just got to convince them that they've got a lot more to lose than you do.

When the builder was dragging their feet getting things done after we closed on the house with a list of about 10 things left to finish, I called and told them that since they had insisted that we pay 100% for a 95% house and I didn't have a financial stick to beat them with, I was going to have to get creative

Radio spots
Web sites
A skywriter
A banner the width of my house reading "I bought a _________ Home. Stop in and ask me why you shouldn't."
Me wearing a bass drum and a sandwich board walking the sidewalk all day in front of their sales office in what was at the time a very new development. I explained to the lady that I had quite a bit of vacation time on the books at work, and couldn't think of a better way to ensure that I didn't have any of it drop off at the end of the year.

It turns out that they didn't want me getting creative. What do you know? [:D]

Tip of the day to first-time homebuyers:
[b][size=5]NEVER CLOSE ON A HOUSE THAT ISN'T 100%!!!
Link Posted: 5/20/2002 9:48:41 PM EST

Tip of the day to first-time homebuyers:
[b][size=5]NEVER CLOSE ON A HOUSE THAT ISN'T 100%!!!
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Heed his advice.  I was the guy who dealt with homebuyers on behalf of the builder, and after you closed we really didn't give a shit.  If the people were polite, I would do what I could.  If they were dicks, then I didn't do shit.

Yes, I was one step removed from a used car salesman.
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