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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/20/2005 5:08:28 AM EDT
I just found out that I'm going to be the next School Resource Officer in my department. The only reason I have it is because NO ONE wanted to do it and I'm junior. I'm pissed beyond words right now.

Is there anyone here who is/has been an SRO who can give me some pointers? I'm not even entirely sure what exactly my duties are going to be. I have to get with last years SRO - who refuses to go back - for information on what exactly I have to do. Going to be in the High School in a small city with lots of big city issues - drop outs, drugs, gangs, etc. Going to be very "alternative ed" intensive for all the dicipline challenged little felons in training. The hours will be 12PM-8PM because the poor little kids have a hard time getting up so early in the morning like all the other kids. So I'm going to spend the next 9 months as an alcoholic.

Any Advice? Thanks!

Link Posted: 8/20/2005 1:33:16 PM EDT
Our county Sheriff's Dept. has had great success for years with their program. Contact Capt. Kennedy at 615-898-7774.
Link Posted: 8/20/2005 7:39:57 PM EDT
I just finished four years at a high school as a SRO. I'm not sure how your department is running the program but I loved it and fought like hell not to be pulled out. First, go to NASRO.com and get a ton of information, check there for some training also.

My position at the high school was not to be JBT, but also not to be a kid hugging officer either. A good working relationship with the school is critical. Your not there to supplement the school's supervision for cafateria duties or monitor detentions. I was considered an administrator at the school which helped a lot keep some of the staff in order. You will arrest some of them too.

I always started out by letting the students (do not call them kids) know that they could ask me anything and I was there to help them out but also hold then resonsible for their actions. You will get a lot of bitching about cops, but I listened to them and gave some advise on interacting with officers. I worked real close with the deans and hooked up the students as needed (which was all the time). After the students begin to trust you as not being a JBT it is unreal what you can learn from them. I always made it a point to talk to the students I arrested in the days after the arrest to break the ice again. Only had two students that told me to go fuck myself, most will understand that you are doing your job, they were wrong, and will be that much closer to you.

If you never get out and walk around the halls and just say Hi you will hate it. The students will not seek you out at first so you have to make the first move. After a few trust you, more will come and soon enough you will not be able to leave your office because everyone is coming to see you. Some to bitch, some for advise, some to shoot the shit, but some will become the best and cheapest informants you will ever know.

However, if the students pick up that you do not care to be there. They will make your life hell for no other reason but sport. There are also some great perks to your position. Due to the increased threat of school violence I received Rapid Deployment Training, Ballistic Shield Instructor, Critical Incident training, Reid Interview and Interogation, Gang Recognition and Surpression, NASRO SRO Basic, NASRO SRO Advanced, etc..etc...etc. The way my department ran our high school program I did NOT teach DARE, GREAT or any other programs.

What's not to love. Weekends and holidays off, lots of OT for games, no supervisors lurking at the school, and a ton of resonsiblity to make yourself look great (or bad). Let me know if you would like my number to talk more about it.

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