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Posted: 5/25/2001 1:37:50 PM EDT
Just bought nice Garand and need info. Any links would be appreciated.
Link Posted: 5/25/2001 1:43:20 PM EDT
Try [url]http://www.jouster.com/cgi-bin/garand/garand.pl[/url] or [url]http://www.gunandknife.com/cgi-bin/boards/garandconfig.pl[/url] or [url]http://www.fulton-armory.com/[/url] or [url]http://www.m1garand.com/[/url]
Link Posted: 5/25/2001 1:50:04 PM EDT
All of the above. I didn't know all of them myself. Thanks EOD GUY
Link Posted: 5/25/2001 1:57:10 PM EDT
Thanks gentlemen. I just picked up an all original Winchester M1 Garand with light colored birch stock . The bore measured 1.5-2.0 on the throat erosion guage. It has been reparked. The rifle is 98% condition. It is so nice, I don't know if I should even shoot it, or sell it to a collector, who will take care of it. Any ideas on what it is worth, should I shoot it or sell it ?
Link Posted: 5/25/2001 3:09:49 PM EDT
Great fun to shoot. I Don't have a clue as to your's collectibility. My M1 is now in .308 and very enjoyable to shoot. But since you all converted me to AR15 it doesn't get shot much. Ken
Link Posted: 5/25/2001 3:13:00 PM EDT
got mine through the DCM, had Bob Dickus put a 308 barrel on it and now with the laminated rhinehart-fajen stock and NM sights it is a hoot to shoot. plus it looks cool.
Link Posted: 5/25/2001 3:16:55 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/25/2001 3:25:13 PM EDT
Shoot and enjoy it. I have shot them for years and they are great fun to play with.
Link Posted: 5/25/2001 3:34:01 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/25/2001 3:56:10 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/25/2001 6:03:54 PM EDT
Great gun, love to shoot it.
Link Posted: 5/25/2001 8:07:39 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/25/2001 8:06:17 PM EDT by Sukebe]
I've had three and I loved them all. I'm down to one right now and I can't say that it will be my last. Get Scott Duffs book M-1 Garand: Owners guide, check Orion 7. You can even contact Duff personally with ?s. but I don't have the web site. Shoot it, that's what God made them for.
Link Posted: 5/26/2001 8:42:57 AM EDT
I got a Garand M1 (30-06 Spr. and not in .308 like in the EI) from Harrington & Richardson. Built in 1951, probably this rifle saw action in the Korean war. I love it, like I love M16. A piece of history... (God bless America...)
Link Posted: 5/26/2001 2:32:36 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/26/2001 2:31:04 PM EDT by SRM]
AC Doc: Too bad for you, that garand is only worth $75-$80. But since I'm a nice guy, I'll take it off your hands for an even $100 [:D] SRM
Link Posted: 5/26/2001 3:06:21 PM EDT
Ok....I'll go $110. [thinking]
Link Posted: 5/26/2001 4:06:21 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/26/2001 4:15:59 PM EDT
Garand is a great rifle, enjoy. I found the following books of interest in helping me learn about the M-1. " The M-1 Owner's Guide" by Scott A. Duff and " The M-1 Rifle" from the NRA book service a reprint publication. Hope you enjoy the M-1. [rocket]
Link Posted: 5/26/2001 6:01:43 PM EDT
[img]http://wsphotofews.excite.com/016/wg/kE/wK/YS20043.jpg[/img] I love my CMP Garand ! [:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D] "cling ! "
Link Posted: 5/26/2001 11:26:32 PM EDT
Has anyone had work done by Dean's Gun Restoration? His pics sure look nice... [url]http://www.dgrguns.com/[/url]
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