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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 2/17/2006 12:38:00 PM EDT
If you are a LEO in WV, heres a question directly to the folks I need the answer from....

I am planning to do some backpacking in the Monongahela NF next month.
My trail gun is a S&W629, which makes all my camping / hiking trips on my side.
On my way down there I plan to have it packed up in the factory case, padlocked, and then have the case in a locked toolbox in the beg of my truck. Obviously the firearm will be unloaded.

For starters, is there any issue with a non-resident having a firearm in my vehicle in this manner?

Next, being national forest, I beleive I am subject to federal law, which states I can possess and shoot on that land within their regulations. That said, from what I have read of WV law, it appears that open carry is legal. Does that apply to non-residents if I am not on NF land? If you are familiar with the area near Seneca rocks, is it rural enough for open carry to be considered a normal thing, or will this cause alarm? I dont really plan to be walking around any town with a sidearm, frankly, I dont expect to see a soul while I am out hiking in the mountains. By the time I am back on the road into civilization my trail gun will be locked back up in its case.

Bottom line, am I breaking any laws...would you guys hassle me given the circumstances?
Thanks for your responses....figured I would ask the folks that deal with this every day.
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