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Posted: 7/30/2001 8:24:39 AM EDT
I'm thinking about trading my Glock for a Beretta 92D. What is the trigger pull like on these things? Are they as reliable and comforatable to shoot at the regular 92.
Link Posted: 7/30/2001 9:44:14 AM EDT
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I don't know why you would want to trade your GLOCK for a 92D, but I'll try to answer your question. I have a 92D Centurion that was a Police Trade-In. Trigger pull is kinda like a DA revolver. I put a Wilson main spring for a 1911 in mine and it helped the trigger pull a lot. Also think it's pretty reliable as haven't have any problems and have shot lots of different JHP loads.
Link Posted: 7/30/2001 2:01:05 PM EDT
They use a lighter trigger return spring, which makes the trigger pull lighter and smooter. LONG DA pull, though. I wouldn't carry a DAO unless I had to- the regular Beretta trigger is a better idea, I think. If you don't like the safety, go with the decocker-only "G" model.
Link Posted: 7/30/2001 4:14:54 PM EDT
Even better, get a regular FS or a decock-only G model and install the lighter D model hammer spring. Ernest Langdon does this with his trigger jobs and it really makes a world of difference. For any other Beretta shooters out there, Ernest now has a website at [url]http://www.langdontactical.com/[/url]
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Link Posted: 7/30/2001 4:39:04 PM EDT
We had the 92D slick slide as issue pistols from '92 til late '94. It is like having a high capacity revolver. Shots are slow, especially when compared to the Glock 22's we replaced them with. The Beretta's rusted in the salt air. (especially the grip screws and magazines) They were a pain in the ass to work on. The armorers school is 2 days, and that isn't long enough. The Glock is sooooo much better. They don't rust, except the cheap Mepro sights. They are easy to work on. They work, period. I am so glad to be rid of the POS Beretta.
Link Posted: 7/31/2001 6:39:59 AM EDT
I carry a 92D Centurion as an issued duty gun. I like it, but I've been carrying it for 8 years and have gotten use to it. The long trigger pull doesn't bother me anymore, again I've gotten use to it by training with the gun. Prior to that I carried a personally owned 92FS. I switched to the agency gun only because if it breaks, they replace it. If I am ever involved in a shooting situation, and they take it away for evidence, it's theirs and they will replace it. I personally beleive it is what you will be comfortable with. What the intended use of the gun is, and hown much you will train with it. Training being the bigger issue, because the more you train the more the use and actions with whatever weapon you choose, will become second nature. I find that I have trained so long with the 92D, that when I shoot other double action handguns (like my 92FS, 85f(off duty gun)or a Sig), I revert to the tacticts and actions that are instilled in me for the 92D.
Link Posted: 7/31/2001 11:10:12 AM EDT
Our 92D's were the Military and Police model. They were not finished nearly as nicely as the commercial models. The Bruinton finsih was not nearly as durable as the commercial 92F's I had seen and owned before. They had a high rate of manufacturer error, about 10% had major flaws, such as bent barrels, broken locking blocks. So I did not like them. The positive side, they shoot quite well. Follow up shots (and all shots due to long pull) are slow, but many people shot them more accurately than other pistols. We did a 3 day, 1000+ round transition course. When we got the Glocks, only a 1 day 200 round course. It took a bit for the Glocks to catch with some people. (trigger re-set is the key to mastering the Glock) Now that we have had them for 6 years, we have had excellent luck with them with additional training. Personally, having shot both extensively, being both a Beretta and Glock armorer, I will take the Glock any day, any time over the Beretta. Just the simple day to day wearing of a Glock over a Beretta is a relief. You have to decide what best fits you though. I know without doubt that of the two for me the Glock is the answer.
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