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Posted: 5/30/2001 10:06:36 AM EDT
I've decided that within a year or so, I'm gonna get me a Nissan 300ZX, 1993-95 with the latest body style. Does anyone know of any magazines that deal with JUST Nissan cars, or better yet, JUST the 300ZX????
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 10:14:39 AM EDT
300`s are nice. But when I was a kid oh man that 240 was the shit.
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 10:18:22 AM EDT
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 10:24:57 AM EDT
Try looking in "Pimpin'" magazine. Also, if you buy one make sure you get the gold package and the faux chrome hub caps.
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 10:32:30 AM EDT
Nice choice! I think the 1991-1992s are such a great deal. You get so much sports car for the money. I looked into buying one and found most TT were either high mileage, or were beat on. The non turbo seemed to be a great deal with a number of 30,000 or less mile cars out there. There are a number of sites devoted to the Z including Zcar.com. Autotrader.com is also a great resource Good luck and keep Zfaith!
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 10:39:30 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/30/2001 10:39:18 AM EDT by drfcolt]
Man are you taking me back in time. I owned a new '76 280Z with special wheels and a hood cowell. Bought it new and had the work done right at the dealership where I bought it. Total cost was a whopping $7,500. There were only two options you could get then (power-stering and air-conditioning) and I had neither on mine. Also owned the following: - 1981 280 ZX 2+2 - 1982 280 ZX Turbo Coupe - 1984 300 ZX Coupe (beaufiful silver with leather interior and digital dash) Also belonged to the "Z Club Of America". Haven't owned a Z since the mid 1980's, just about the time they outlawed new MG's (and I mean machinegun, not the little English car).
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 10:41:07 AM EDT
I had a 1980 280zx in HS. It was the bomb. My dad bought a 1986 50th Anniversary 300zx. WOW. That car was the best I've ever driven or ridden in (at that time.) The turbo kicked ass and the seats had some type of subwoofers/vibrators in them. When playing music, you FELT it in the seat. What a great old car. Gone now but never forgotten.
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 10:50:18 AM EDT
I had a 1974 DATSUN (before they became Nissan) 280Z. It was damn heavy (IIRC 3,000 lbs) for a sports car.
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 11:16:07 AM EDT
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 11:25:29 AM EDT
This trip down Memory Lane is wonderful folks, but ya ain't helpin' me out here. Present day, Nissan 300 ZX, magazines and other available info, eh??????
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 11:31:25 AM EDT
there is a company in Costa Mesa or Orange CA that deals strictly with Z I donot remeber the name. they have a parts magazine just for Z. I will try to find the name out for you.
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 11:45:40 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/30/2001 11:55:35 AM EDT by drfcolt]
Get a current "Car & Driver" and look in the back. Plenty of "Z" only advertisements. Used to be an outfit out of Conneticut(sp) that was exculsively "Z". He was in with Paul Newman, somehow. I had their catalog (sorry, along time ago - WAY before the Internet) and got some custom stuff from them. I'm sure "J C Whitney" has a section (or whole catalog) dedicated to the Z-car. Hope this helps. Also try: [url]www.zhome.com[/url] [url]www.autoforums.com/twinturbo/index.html[/url] [url]www.mame.mu.oz.au/salman/zpage.html[/url] [url]www.geocities.com/MotorCity/7627[/url] [url]www.geocities.com/~z-car/indexfl.html[/url]
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 11:53:22 AM EDT
Had a 90 twin turbo, also an 88 Turbo. My bro has had several 280s a non-t 89, non-turbo 90 and twin 93. Nissan was 10 years ahead of it’s time on this one. At the time nothing under $100,000 could touch it, especially at altitude. And unlike a cheby, it could go around a corner and stop on a dime. It was a lot of car for the dough, viscus posi rear end. Four wheel steering. Anti lock brakes that really work. Smooth 300hp. Don’t waste your time on a non-turbo, they’re not half the car the twin is. And for gawd sakes don't get an auto tranny. Now days you’d have to pick your races a little better, but I think the Twin-Z is still the best bang for the buck. For the sacrifice of engine life, over 400hp can be squeezed out of the sucker. I would love another Late model Twin. If I ever find a clean low mile one, it’s mine. RK
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 11:54:06 AM EDT
Oh I am EX owner. My first car was a 72' 240Z. Here she was: [img][/img] [img][/img] Sold it a got an 88' 300ZX. Sweet car too. Got the digital dash and had many fun times with it. But time has caught up and I had to sell her too for a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport. That's my set of wheels now...the family mobile.
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 12:02:37 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/30/2001 12:02:15 PM EDT by SexualChocolate]
The name of the auto parts place that specializes in Z's is called Motor Sports Auto. Here is the link [url]http://www.zcarparts.com/[/url]. Call them up or Email them about the 300ZX magazine. It just came out a few months ago. Another good place for aftermarket 300ZX performance parts is Stillen [url]http://www.stillen.com/[/url]. I have an 1987 300ZX Turbo. If you are going to get a Z, do yourself a favor. GET A TURBO. You will regret it later if you don't. You can make a few mods to a turbo and have it screaming. With a non-turbo, you will have to dumb a LOT of money to get speed out of it. To my car I've added a HKS boost controller, K&N intake, HKS Exhaust, MSD ignition, and Magnacore 8mm wires, replaced the radiator clutch fan with and electronic one, and a 6 puck racing clutch. I am currently running high 13's to low 14's in the 1/4 mile running 11lbs of boost. Thats not too bad for a 14 year old car and a little over a grand in mods. I have a brand new intercooler ready to get installed, but I got hit by some IDIOT and have my car getting repaired as we speak. For general info on the Z's look to these two message boards [url]http://www.z31.com[/url] for 84-89 Z's, and [url]http://www.z32.org[/url] for 90-96 Z's.
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 12:42:29 PM EDT
Go to www.twinturbo.net, tons of info over there, that's the hangout of the guys with Z32 (90+ 300ZX as they call it in Japan).
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 1:18:03 PM EDT
Owned 2 1973 240Z's and a '71. Also a '75 280Z. The 240's were it in my opinion. Easy to work on, dependable and FUN. With a 10, 12, qnd 14 mm wrench and socket set you could take 80% of the car apart. Real customizable too. Man do I miss my first '73. Drove it for 10 yrs- best car I ever owned. Imbroglio, If it was maufactured before 7/74 it was a 260Z, after it was a 75 280Z.[;)]
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 2:28:17 PM EDT
I had a 71 240z and a 79 280zx. with all the bob sharp stuff. anyone had rust problems under the battery besides me? remember the pressure cooker?
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 2:29:54 PM EDT
anyone still in the Z-club of america?
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 3:02:49 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/30/2001 3:03:17 PM EDT by drfcolt]
Yea, "Bob Sharp Racing" that's the outfit out of Conneticut. Let me tell you a REAL stupid story how I got into Z's. It was 1972 and I was always a Chevy man. Had a nice (I didn't know it, though) '69 Z-28 Camaro. Damn engine blew up and I had it rebuilt. Started acting weird again and I traded it in on a VEGA (yea, I know). Didn't take me long to figure out what kind of a POS they were/are. Said screw this American junk and went to the Z's. Great cars, but wishh I had that Camaro back. Was mint and would be worth a mint now. Of course, I can say that about alot of things I've gotten rid of since then. Of the four I had. The '76 was the fastest/best-handling and the '84 was the classiest. Damn, this thread is giving me a taste for another Z.
Link Posted: 5/30/2001 3:02:56 PM EDT
I am the proud owner of a 1989 300ZX non-turbo - love the thing. Bought it from a guy at work who needed the cash for a pickup truck, and I was fortunate enough that he was the original owner and babied it...it is still in excellent shape. I drive it every day, and love it!
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