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Posted: 10/17/2001 10:10:11 AM EDT
I'm posting this here to illustrates that the govt can handle a few problems at once, but when this is multiple problems, the govt resources is pretty much taxed to the max, and your're pretty much on your own. You have got to be prepared to handle some emergencies yourself. =========================================================== http://www.kfwb.com/news/local/l101706.html (KFWB is one of L.A.'s two all news radio stations) Anthrax Scares Taxing Southland Authorities (KFWB) 10.17.01, 9:15a -- The threat of anthrax has led to a number of scares, but no confirmed cases, in the Southland. Authorities say the large number of calls by people on alert for anything suspicious, as well as by people alarmed by what turn out to be hoaxes, are becoming an increasing burden. The Orange County Sheriff's department is investigating more than a half dozen scares. The county's 911 dispatch center has received more than 100 calls since September 11 about possible tainted letters and other suspicious substances. Some of those calls were due to deliberate hoaxes. In Long Beach, powder was found Tuesday in three envelopes delivered to Internal Revenue Service offices. The powder was determined to be harmless. In Hawthorne, evacuations were called after a police employee opened a letter Tuesday with white powdery substance inside. The substance did not contain anthrax. Parts of the Santa Ana Civic Center were also shut down by two separate incidents Tuesday. The FBI has issued a strong warning that anyone caught committing a deliberate anthrax hoax could face as much as life in prison if convicted, and could be ordered to pay for financial costs related to the hoax.
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