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Posted: 9/12/2004 2:47:32 PM EDT
Alright, for those who helped with my lat problem with this MF'in washer I have another.

I replaced 99% of the iron pipe with PVC (PITA) and cleaned out thre remaining cast iron. Today my wife did laundry and the thing flowed over again. After having an afro fit and threatening to blow the whole houes to the GD moon I tried a little experiment, I ran the washer through a full cycle w/o adding detergent. The water flowed out perfectly, but as the spin cycle progrerssed it started chugging out bubbles, the bubbles obviously wouldn't flow down the pipe on their own and eventually stacked up to the top of the drain pipe.

How can I fix this situation? I guess I could add a mud sink outther and have it drain into that, but I'd rather not...the current plan is to move the dryer next to the washer from across the garage.

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