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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/30/2001 2:34:19 PM EST
[b]NOT GUILTY![/b] [beer]
Link Posted: 11/30/2001 2:38:03 PM EST
Is that the 10/22 case? Congrats for the client.
Link Posted: 11/30/2001 2:41:54 PM EST
Rock [smash]
Link Posted: 11/30/2001 2:41:56 PM EST
good job counselor.
Link Posted: 11/30/2001 2:46:38 PM EST
I may have to celebrate by buying something outrageously expensive at the Crossroads show next weekend.
Link Posted: 11/30/2001 2:50:16 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/30/2001 2:50:24 PM EST
you da man
Link Posted: 11/30/2001 3:07:44 PM EST
Um... not to spoil the party (congrats BTW) but what about that other little problem... y'know, teh issue that was severed - being in possession when not allowed to be? Is that still on the back burner or isn't he on the hook for that anymore. Anyway, aside from that, congratulations!
Link Posted: 11/30/2001 3:12:50 PM EST
hey jhasz, don't spoil my party! [;)] Seriously, he is going back to trial for that on December 12, but that is nothing compared to Murder 2.
Link Posted: 11/30/2001 3:31:29 PM EST
Man, with that extra cash you could try out one of those RRA 6 postion stocks. They're awesome! [:)] But seriously, I think that's great you won that case. It seemed pretty black and white to me. I think the guy was in the right, no doubt about it. But then, you never know about how a jury might rule when guns are involved. Glad you did a good job on this one. Anyway, congrats!
Link Posted: 11/30/2001 4:01:44 PM EST
Glad you guys won. Hope he beats the other charge, too.
Link Posted: 11/30/2001 4:47:45 PM EST
Justice triumphs! (All too seldom, nowadays) Eric The(HoistARoundForOurWiseCounselor!)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 11/30/2001 5:16:20 PM EST
Originally Posted By Chairborne_Ranger: [b]NOT GUILTY![/b] [beer]
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As it should be!
Link Posted: 12/3/2001 5:09:59 PM EST
Just read about it on AZCentral: Congrats to you and your client. Chairborne Ranger: Master of his domain. Jay Arizona
Link Posted: 12/3/2001 5:19:33 PM EST
Chairborne - Bloody well done! Is there any way you could hit the highlights of the trail/decision, please? Redact as needed, but I AM curious... FFZ dragonland@juno.com
Link Posted: 12/3/2001 7:13:44 PM EST
Well I'll be damned, the case is in the AZ Republic! FFZ, I was able to talk to some jurors after the verdict. They deliberated only 55 minutes. Big things were: 1. Defendant recently attacked by another man, attacker showed him a pistol and said he was going to "settle things." 2. Defendant acquired gun in fear of the other man, but did not go looking for him. 3. Other people told defendant alleged victim was in cahoots with first attacker. 4. Alleged victim showed up first time that evening and tried unsuccessfully to get gun from defendant. 5. Alleged victim showed up the second time and this time grabbed the rifle which was in defendant's hands. Defendant backed up about 25 feet and yelled, "Get back! Get back!" 6. Alleged victim was a large powerful man. 7. Alleged victim was on alcohol and meth. 8. Only a crazy man attacks another man who is armed with a rifle. 9. Defendant fired fatal shot from below alleged victim, as proven by shot angle and the presence on blood on the bottom of defendant's pants. Brass pattern showed rifle was being moved around radically when the three shots were fired (only one hit). Really interesting thing is that the alleged victim's former wife called me today and said although her former husband is dead, she knew it was his fault and not the defendant's fault, and that she was praying the jury would acquit the defendant. She also said she knew if alleged victim had gotten the rifle from the defendant, he would have killed him.
Link Posted: 12/3/2001 7:22:34 PM EST
Thank you - I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything last time this was discusses. My wife and I talked this one out, and we reached much the same verdict as the jury... Where in AZ are you? My wife and I are planning to move out your way (probably in PHX first, thence to Flag area) and I may wnat to look you up... FFZ dragonland@juno.com
Link Posted: 12/3/2001 7:55:07 PM EST
FFZ, I am in the NW corner of AZ about 100 miles SE of Las Vegas. If you are going to move to PHX, I suggest doing so in the next four days, 'cause then you will be in PHX in time for the Crossroads/SAR show! [;)]
Link Posted: 12/3/2001 8:04:25 PM EST
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