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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/25/2003 1:40:28 PM EST
Satan [img]http://images.southparkstudios.com/img/content/characters/58a.gif[/img]
Link Posted: 6/25/2003 1:45:53 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/25/2003 1:59:49 PM EST
Gotta love the stones.
Link Posted: 6/25/2003 2:04:28 PM EST
Where's Saddam?
Link Posted: 6/25/2003 2:11:23 PM EST
[img]http://www.southparkstudios.com/down/download.html?file=/media/images/411/411_drink_up.gif[/img] There ya go.
Link Posted: 6/25/2003 2:12:16 PM EST
Get thee behind me Satan!!! (in other words, get the hell outta my face Lucifer!)
Link Posted: 6/25/2003 2:51:33 PM EST
Ha-ha-ha. That's sure funny, Cypher214. About 1,000 years from now, remember that Old_Painless told you that you would remember this post with regret. There's nothing funny about satan.
Link Posted: 6/25/2003 3:01:30 PM EST
Aww come on, if there was no satan, God wouldn't look nearly as good. Satan really is quite funny, I mean, who is this guy to think he can take God's place. So God kicks him out and the best he can do is completely change the course of events for humanity. Gotta admit, he's determined. There are advantages to being Agnostic, you don't have to feel guilty about laughing at a few quite funny things that are "serious" in the eyes of those who are on the religious side of things. I have nothing against any religion, I was brought up in a Christian school. I just made the decision one day to not accept any of them. Sure hope this doesn't turn into a religious flame fest. I haven't had a post locked yet in my 2 years here. Nomex on.
Link Posted: 6/25/2003 3:08:37 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/25/2003 3:10:18 PM EST by Searcherfortruth]
I agree, in a sense that Satan is pathetically funny in a tragic way, but deadly bad in most ways. I meant nothing "religious" with my comment either.
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