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Posted: 10/10/2005 10:36:04 AM EDT

Americans Just Need to Grow Up!

I have to admit, I try to avoid the news of late. I’ll catch the headlines, but watching any more than that just frustrates me. I do read the paper on a daily basis, but it’s typically checking the local news. This morning, however, I read through the front section of the Sunday news…..getting more frustrated, the more I read, then found myself stewing while cooking breakfast. So much so that I felt the need to vent…so here goes!

There is an average sized article on the deadly earthquakes affecting 3 countries, with a death toll in excess of 18,000. Another small article on deadly rains in Mexico with a death toll in excess of 500. Both of these articles are basically factual in content, nothing about failed rescue efforts and pointing fingers. There’s the typical economic headlines: Delphi bankruptcy filing, housing market, etc. THEN we have a full page talking about racial inequalities with regard to “Katrina”. The blurb underneath a photo actually states that “most blacks surveyed believed that government rescue efforts would have proceeded faster if most victims weren’t black…” Come on! Not in this politically correct country! Not in a country where we are accused of profiling while doing security checks! THEN there is another decent sized article about people having to wait for hours in line for relief aid from “Katrina.” Oh my gosh, how horrible! Forgive me, but with all of the people that were displaced, isn’t that expected? The same article is criticizing the Red Cross for disbursement of money. Isn’t there an old saying about don’t bite the hand that feeds……? This was a natural disaster folks. We can learn from it, be more prepared in the future, but do we have to beat each other up over it?

I become enraged with those the likes of Cindy Sheehan. My son enlisted in the National Guard last year, also with the intent to have his schooling paid for…BUT, he also knew the risks. As yet, he has not been deployed, but he is ready to and would be proud and honored at the chance to defend his country. These men and women have volunteered to protect our country at whatever cost and people protest? Again….Come on!! Don’t get me wrong, I am always saddened when the death of a military person is announced, but I silently praise their efforts and thank them. On a purely statistical note, the death toll since the war began is not yet two thirds of the death toll caused by the terrorist attack of 9/11.

Yet another article about two neighbors in court that can’t come to terms with parking arrangements, which has escalated to video cameras, stalking, etc. Again…..Come on!! Thankfully the judge pretty much told them to get a grip. Personally, I think people that bring frivolous lawsuits to court should be fined just for trying. Can we not think for ourselves anymore? When I drink coffee, I expect it to be hot. If I happen to spill it on myself….I may curse, but bottom line… it was my own fault. Do I need a restaurant to spend money publishing the caloric content of it’s entrees? No, I love fries, but I also know that if I eat them everyday, my cholesterol will shoot up along with my clothes size. I also know that there is no magic pill or cure for weight loss. I’ve discovered the most amazing thing over the past couple years…when I exercise regularly, I lose inches and am healthier. I still eat the fries, but in moderation. I think it’s called SELF control.

Americans want everything their way and they want it NOW, plus they want to make sure that everyone else is doing things their way, after all, it is the correct way, right? I know there are still old fashioned, true blue Americans out there, I just don’t think we are as vocal. There are the emails that circulate about the good ‘ole days, when kids could go out and play till dark basically unsupervised, without helmets….days when electronics did not monopolize our lives.

Aside from the news, this attitude comes across in everyday life. Everything from road rage to people that special order at fast food restaurants then become enraged because it takes too long….workers that state (and this is a direct quote) “if I can build 10 in an hour but get paid the same to build 6, why should I put myself out building 10?) Ever heard of profits, pal? Ever heard of incentives, promotions, the feeling of a job well done? Mind you, this same individual will complain when they get their minimum annual increase, when they don’t get a profit share bonus, and when they get passed up for a promotion.

I also hear things through parents at sports and school activities….It seems to be a huge deal to “request” a child’s teacher for the following year…so much so that the school has a policy for it. I don’t remember my parents ever even discussing who my teacher might be. I think it was assumed that I would adapt and learn to work with whatever teacher I was assigned. Hmmmm. In sports, I was recently told that medals were not going to be given out to top performers because the same kids seemed to get them…….isn’t top performance the point of medals? Not to make those that don’t get them feel bad, but to reward those that have worked hard with results. Hmmm.

There was an article in the paper about a month or so ago. It was in regards to children’s happiness. The gist of the article was that while we want our kids to be happy, it is actually beneficial for them to experience disappointments. Later in life, there will be disappointments. Things will not always go their way, and they need to know how to handle that. It’s also ok for kids to “want” things and wait for them, or to even work towards earning them. Remember when we had to wait all year for the holiday shows to be aired on TV? Nowadays, they are readily available on video or DVD and have been watched so many times that they just aren’t as special. Patience truly is a virtue!

I applaud the write of this article

I read this else where but thought it was a good article!
Link Posted: 10/10/2005 10:47:17 AM EDT
wont matter after 2012
Link Posted: 10/10/2005 10:50:19 AM EDT

Originally Posted By st0newall:
wont matter after 2012

The Mayans will come back from Atlantis and murder
us all.
Link Posted: 10/10/2005 10:54:17 AM EDT

Originally Posted By st0newall:
wont matter after 2012

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