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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/19/2001 4:46:11 AM EST
After 25 years of AR ownership I finally bought an ambidextrous safety recently, but I'm still not fully happy. The lever on the left side of the reciever still bugs my left hand trigger finger during shooting. Now there is a source for a full auto ambi safety, and before I go calling attention to myself by calling BATF, I'm hoping to get an authoritative answer here. Am I legally OK installing the M16 selector on an AR15, so that I can rotate it to what would be the full auto position on an M16, and get it out of the way of my trigger finger? If need be , I can mill off the shoulder that depresses the disconnector arm, although since the arm on an AR doesn't go back far enough hit that shoulder anyway, it would be purely a cosmetic mod. All I'm after is a safety with two (semi) fire positions so I can rotate it all the way around. Yes, I know I can mill off the left side arm, but after all thase years I'm still most comfortable APPLYING the safety with my left index finger. Flipping the safety off with my left thumb is still fastest, so I really want to keep both sides as is. Opinions???
Link Posted: 7/19/2001 7:09:46 AM EST
ATF would say no. Also, a semi with a full auto selector will not let you pull the trigger with the selector in the "auto" position - it acts like another "safe" position with a semi trigger. To change that, you'd need to install a full auto trigger, too.
Link Posted: 7/19/2001 11:13:03 AM EST
Us leftys get f*ck in firearms. I have the same problem. Working on a jig to drill the other side of a standerd safty so it can be put in from either side. Would this intrest you? When I finish it I could make one for you also. Let me know.
Link Posted: 7/19/2001 12:55:57 PM EST
Circuits; You're right about the M16 full auto selector as issued. Hadn't thought about that. But all that would mean is that I'd have to mill off the disconnector deprssing shoulder to get it to even work, which would mean that it's no longer an M16 selector. ADTECHARMS, Appreciate the offer. May take you up on it. Let me know how the project works out. Really appreciate the responses, guys. Adtech, after 60+ years of being left handed, I'm used to the short end, especially in the gun world. Oh well, maybe in my next life----!
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