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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/5/2002 4:13:37 PM EST
[Last Edit: 8/5/2002 4:15:57 PM EST by Vass]
I'm not a fan of any mob action, but this Amber Alert thing makes me giddy. Yup, saved 20 kids, and that's GREAT. Not nearly enough, but a start. The thought that gets me fired up is Dads in their Lincolns and Moms in their Navigators, scanning the roadways, fingers flicking on cellphones, or in the Free States, stroking CCW'd pistols of their choice, checking the glovebox for shells for that ol' shotgun in the rack behind their heads.... I have fantasies of Good Ol' Boys seeing a car, matching a license plate, thinking about their own kids at home, and going absolutely, animalistically apeshit ballistic on some sick twist, bashing him off the road and force feeding him their bumper. That IS going to happen at some point, and when it does it's going to give every wanna-be kidtoucher pause. 20 to life is one thing. Being beaten to death on the side of a road, or shot in the nuts by a seriously pissed-off mother, is another. Granted, there is the danger of someone making a mistake, getting the plate wrong, whatever. I think it's fairly small. If it puts the fear of God in a few scumbags, I'm all for it. I'll be watching the headlines, and hoping that if you ever find yourself in that situation, you would do to that person what you would want someone to do to the person who grabbed YOUR kid. And as far as prosecution, I am a law and order type, but if there was a case for jury nullification (if some fool actually brought charges...I noticed that the guy who grabbed those 2 girls caught a few in the chest, then, um...2 in the top of the head. Right. I don't expect anyone to look at that one too closely.) if i've ever seen one. Live Free or Die. Vass
Link Posted: 8/6/2002 2:55:27 AM EST
It's for a good cause, and I guess you can't fault the results. But the first day it was on in Southern Ca, every freeway was clogged all day long with people staring at the signs. They didn't even turn off the signs until well after the events were over. 4 hour commutes anyone?
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