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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/18/2006 5:00:02 AM EST
I have many "evil" firearms, all of which are in some form or other wanted banned by many citizens of this country. Many of my friends have the same type of firearms. It seems that every year since the aw ban sunseted that there is some form of legislation presented to regulate limit or ban outright these weapons from being owned by me, the lowly citizen. I live in a hunting comunity but constantly am faced with "why do you need a rifle like that" or "If it will allow me to keep my deer gun then I would allow an AW ban". I just dont get it, I got into a conversation with someone on why the 2nd amendment should be regulated. Seems as though we were alot different back in the 1700's and that with the way people are now a days, guns should be kept out of the hands of the people. and this was from a voting person, someone who could possibly shape my future. Now I am no liberal dem or right wing republican, just a Constitutionalist, and I may be wrong but I always beleived that the 2nd amendment was put in as a way of the people protecting themselves from an out of control government. I just wonder and worry about the near future and what it holds for people like us who like to have the right to buy an AR and go down to the range and shoot. I honestly could not say what I would do if say we had a second clinton in the white house and sudenly we all had to register our rifles. Part of me says obey the law and register, but another part of me says no. This is just my rant and I am not some wacko just a concerned citizen who does not want to loose my rights. But, am I paranoid or what?
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