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Posted: 11/29/2007 3:08:00 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 11/29/2007 3:10:28 PM EDT by mtechgunman]
2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel, Auto Tranny
98K on the clock

Here is my problem:

Ok, so i was bombing down a mountain pass in 2wd, and let off the gas.

I went to accelerate and nothing. I pulled over and put the truck into park only to hear a grinding noise. I shut the truck off and took my foot of the brake only to have my truck start rolling down the hill.

My t case had slipped into neutral, and i simply pulled it back into 2wd.

I drove the rest of the way home just fine.

here is the sequence of what i did next:
put truck into:
4WD-hi, engaged and ran perfectly
2WD, disengaged and ran perfectly.
Neutral, t cas went right into neutral
4WD- lo, engaged and ran perfect

But when i went to take it out of low range the stick only moved a couple inches and went into 2wd. the truck still drove perfectly, but was in 2wd in the wrong spot. I can't move the stick any farther back to go into 4wd-hi, but it will engage 4wd-hi when moved FORWARD, and will go back into 2WD when moved backwards (the wrong direction).

The truck drives fine in both modes.
The linkage looks good.

I have no idea what the hell is going on.

any ideas?


(top of page is front of truck)

Link Posted: 11/30/2007 6:26:37 AM EDT
Might help
2001 manual

01 <http://www.mediafire.com/?0ud3aym1say>
Link Posted: 11/30/2007 7:03:40 AM EDT
I think the best course of action would be to pull it out and pop the cover off and take a look down in there. That is, if your up to it, I doubt it would be an easy task.

Otherwise, a trip to the local dodge dealer would be in order. Like another member said, if it isn't a common problem, its hard to diagnose over the internet. Almost impossible.
Link Posted: 11/30/2007 8:38:17 AM EDT

Originally Posted By 89hawk:
Might help
2001 manual

01 <http://www.mediafire.com/?0ud3aym1say>

! wow, you got one of those for a 04 Explorer?
Link Posted: 11/30/2007 11:08:19 AM EDT
Link Posted: 11/30/2007 4:21:49 PM EDT
thanks for the manual!

Yes im positive it engages 4wd. lots of snow around here.
Link Posted: 12/1/2007 9:36:54 PM EDT
I only found them for 01 to 06 Dodge trucks.
Link Posted: 12/2/2007 9:51:51 AM EDT

Originally Posted By 89hawk:
I only found them for 01 to 06 Dodge trucks.

how bout 04.5 ram?
Link Posted: 12/2/2007 10:02:35 AM EDT
You're going to have to check the linkages before you go further. Pull the cover and shield and check it out.
Link Posted: 12/2/2007 4:02:35 PM EDT
I just did the transmission in my 97 1500. Same basic tranny/Tcase. I hope, that the linkage is just fubared. If you can get under there and look at it, you might have broken the plastic gate that the shifter rides in. You also might have some bent/broken teeth on your shift dog. The linkage might also be loose or incorrectly adjusted.

Best of luck.
Link Posted: 12/3/2007 9:01:41 AM EDT
Here are all the Dodge truck manual I have found online

-01 <http://www.mediafire.com/?0ud3aym1say>
-03 <http://www.mediafire.com/?9l39ibwmt1v>
-04 <http://www.mediafire.com/?ffibdo0c141>
-05 <http://hyperfileshare.com/d/05c89d9f>
-06 <http://hyperfileshare.com/d/ca56d1e8>

The 05 manual is 5000 pages. They take a little time to down load.
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