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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/22/2006 12:56:57 PM EST
I was in a wreck about a month ago. No biggie. The girl that hit me had allstate and they called me wanting to conclude the whole thing and send me a check and get it over with.

January 28th (saturday) we settled and I was told a check would be mailed that day. Ok great.

Feb the 3rd (the next friday) I call in and ask where my check is as it was only coming from Dallas and shouldn't have taken more than 3 days MAX. I was told that they hadn't sent it yet and would do it right then.

Feb the 8th (wednesday) I call back get a supervisor on the line who tells me that they lopped off the last 2 numbers of my apartment number and to call him back the next Friday (the 10th) if I still hadn't got it. I've been trying to call since then and no answer till

Today, I get ahold of the asshole and he not only tells me again, that they have cut off the last 2 numbers of my apartment but misspelled my street name and my last name. And that it would be reissued today and I should have it by next wednesday.

At this point I go off, again, explaining that I'd be embarassed to have such idiotic people working for me and If I was him, I'd kill myself so that I didn't infect the Gene pool. I then explain that I'm leaving next wednesday for a month, but that I'm spending the first 2 weeks of that month in Dallas so I'll be arriving in Dallas March 1. Since the check originated in his office in Dallas I calmly, nicely explain to him that by March 2nd, I will have my check one way or another.
He tried to act tough until I explain that I've already reported him to the Arkansas insurance commission and was told he already had several other complaints and that this case may be what it takes to start a license revocation for him and that'd means he'd lose his job. Yuppies shouldn't lie or act tough. I'll give paper pushing pencil dicks one thing, they know the system. The INSTANT I said "arkansas insurance commission" you could here him gasp like a B movie. I bet my check is here by Saturday
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