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Posted: 7/9/2001 9:03:21 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/9/2001 9:03:50 PM EDT by NSFJojo]
Ok guys, for your viewing pleasure, I present exhibit A: [img]http://theguyshome.homestead.com/files/P7060014.JPG[/img] Ladies, you can email me ANY time. Next up Exhibit B: [img]http://theguyshome.homestead.com/files/LEGP_Ninja.JPG[/img] That one goes out to you AR15.com! Mall ninja proved that he too cannot wield the mighty LEGP without a goofy face of joy. Next on our wonderful photo gallery of sexy-man Matt is... Drumroll please... Exhibit C: [img]http://theguyshome.homestead.com/files/rack.JPG[/img] Fine looking stuff from Calvary Arms ready to be shipped to you. Give GaryOwen a call, he's a great guy. Who else allowed me to tour and stay at his humble yet busy shop? So please, check out his shop at [url]http://www.cavalryarms.com/[/url] and know you are getting GREAT stuff with an AWESOME warranty (of course, I've seen the pictures of his lowers being ran over by a big truck and they were still working... so you probably won't need the warranty anyway.) edited and got all the links to work. I'm cute. [):)] NSF
Link Posted: 7/9/2001 9:15:34 PM EDT
hey jojo, how'd that chicken fried steak treat ya... [x]
Link Posted: 7/9/2001 9:17:16 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Butkus 51: hey jojo, how'd that chicken fried steak treat ya... [x]
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dude, that was a hardcore chicken fried steak. Very crunchy and it was way hot. The top of my mouth is still raw from eating it. I loved it. [):)] NSF
Link Posted: 7/9/2001 9:53:22 PM EDT
btt (I'm vain) [):)] NSF
Link Posted: 7/9/2001 11:58:50 PM EDT
long live the mall ninja
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 1:06:39 AM EDT
The mall ninja is a super little man. When it was time for the grown ups to go do their thing, we enjoyed a night out on the town. I was the conductor of the man train for the evening, seeing as how their were no womenz around. I didnt really have any activites planned, but we ended up having fun playing pool at GarryOwen's old hangout, and watching the kiss of the dragon which turned out to kick ass. Next day was the shoot, we all had tons o fun with full auto toys. We even managed to peice together a 7.5" upper with a 22 conversion on it to put on the Armory's full auto M16 lower. Walt had a suppressed 22 pistol, which as it turned out fit the threads of the 22 upper. A full auto suppressed 22 is an absolute hoot to shoot, especially with the OKO red dot. Both my CAV15's performed flawlessly, while my SAR 2 had FTE, whoever said you dont need to clean an AK is lying, I think I proved it. Unfortunately, I couldnt see Matt off, we said our goodbyes at the shop. He surprised me with a BlackHawk Assualt Vest he picked up for me. I was touched. Hope to see you out here again soon JoJo, it will be for great justice...
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 2:20:01 AM EDT
In the first pic you kinda have a Steve McQueen Great Escape look about you. I must say jojo,i know of no one else on all the boards i go to,that's as good as sport as you are.glad you got that rifle..congrats [beer] mmk
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 2:28:49 AM EDT
Jojo: Exactly how vain are you? You are kind of our "punch the monkey" image. [BD] [url]www.mcuzi.com/entry.htm[/url]
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 4:50:16 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/10/2001 4:47:35 AM EDT by Major-Murphy]
Is that a bayonet-lugged upper I see on that Cav Arms lower (top and bottom pictures)? It must be one of those "preban" Cav15's????????
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 6:35:52 AM EDT
...pehaps the "preban upper on postban lower" pictures should be only for private viewing.... Just a suggestion.
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 6:43:17 AM EDT
OH yeah What about the colapsable stock in the middle picture.[V]
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 6:45:37 AM EDT
I believe that's a "fixed" postban stock.
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 6:53:34 AM EDT
Dude, keep that sword close by. There are many masterless samurai and bandits roaming the land these days.
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 9:20:36 AM EDT
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 10:10:15 AM EDT
NSFJoJo, Where in NV are you from? We have monthly AR15.Com meets in Sloan, NV. You should come out and join us!
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 10:32:25 AM EDT
Bratty and I had a great time BSing w/you at Cavarms. Next time you come down, you stay at my place. D.
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 10:41:05 AM EDT
NSFJojo Really glad you could make it down here for breakfast and the shoot. Need to do it again. I hope you realize that I wasn't trying to bite your head off when you approached my Colt Combat Elite, I just wanted to make sure that my son wasn't claimiing it to be his!!! By the way gang, Jojo is a real nice young man and quiet the gentlemen. I would let him date my daughter. Oh wait, I don't have a daughter...whew [;)]
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 11:01:25 AM EDT
OK, one question, where do I get that cool looking forward grip + light combo for MY LEGP???
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 11:36:47 AM EDT
JOJO....get off the smack eh
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 12:07:24 PM EDT
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 5:51:10 PM EDT
My question is WHOS LEGP is he holding in that picture??? BISHOP
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 7:42:56 PM EDT
Aw shucks guys. Give thanks to GaryOwen, Topcrust, SinistralRifleman for all the nice things they did for me. Bratty is way hotter in person to, although I didn't have the balls to ask her to repeat the infamous disapearing pistol grip trick again. Derek had some interesting stories to tell though I only got to hear a few and never the ends to any, that's one guy I'd invite to parties every time I have one. All the ar15.commers I met at the shoot we cool to. They let me handle and shoot and weapon and I got to fire a .45 pistol for my first time. I have to say I thought it had less kick than my Glock 22. The full-auto stuff from the Armory was first-rate and I would love to go shoot a Steyr AUG there next time I'm down. Chiz I'm in the vallies north of Reno. I won't tell you which one cause the Feds like to call and hang up which makes me scared. But hey, anywhere near there and I'll go. Calvary Arms has got to be the coolest place to be. Their products are great and the lowers Garyowen sells WILL be the next big thing in the AR series rifles. They just need to catch on. I suggest you purchase one. his website is [url] http://www.cavalryarms.com/[/url] Belive me guys, these things ROCK. PLus you can get them in hot pink, uh... I mean manly blue. [;)] [):)] NSF
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 8:36:09 PM EDT
heheheh /me goes of to fondel his ar 15
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 8:53:02 PM EDT
Originally Posted By NSFJojo: All the ar15.commers I met at the shoot we cool to. They let me handle and shoot and weapon and I got to fire a .45 pistol for my first time. I have to say I thought it had less kick than my Glock 22.
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Thanks for the plug, but the [b] COLT COMBAT ELITE[/B] is a typical 45acp. It's not a recoil attitude type of firearm... She's not a virgin, and you Jojo got to tickle her trigger!!!! OK , so she's my daughter & I'm glad you enjoyed her....[:I]
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 9:10:02 PM EDT
Link Posted: 7/10/2001 10:33:41 PM EDT
what shoot are you guys talking about?
Link Posted: 7/11/2001 1:16:49 AM EDT
Originally Posted By mattsd: what shoot are you guys talking about?
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Forget about the shoot! I wanna know what daughter M1A-A1 is talking about, and more importantly, why she wasnt at the shoot...
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