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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/7/2002 3:19:35 PM EST
I've seen a couple of web sites with airsoft teams (much like paintball.) Now, because of the price of some of these guns, most if not all the yahoos in the pics are adults with what look like some damn expensive gear and guns... Question: Have you seen teams forming near you.. and how much of a nutjob factory are they (wannabe tactical nuts..)? Overall it looks pretty cool, good way to polish tactics on the cheap... (No holes in your or neighbors house.) Question: If you have experience with the guns.. how functional are they?
Link Posted: 2/7/2002 8:25:09 PM EST
Question: If you have experience with the guns.. how functional are they?
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Well, I am sure that this is a bad thing, but I'll admit to owning an Airsoft M4. [:D] Using some of the lightest BBs they have, I get about the same range as my paintball marker. With heavier BBs, you are suppose to be able to get pretty good accuracy out to 60yds or so. Regards...
Link Posted: 2/7/2002 8:38:09 PM EST
i think it looks pretty cool. ijust question how itfeels togethit,those bbs are prety little, not like a paintball. in paintball i strive for reality, but it only goes so far, using a realistic weapon, mag fed, with goggles and a facemask instead of a paintball mask would be great.
Link Posted: 2/8/2002 2:02:15 AM EST
First, a link to a vendor friend of mine: [url]http://www.airsoftextreme.com/[/url] Secondly, they are fun, accurate out beyond typical paintball range (2 inches at 25 yards), and cheap ways to train tactically. When my unit went paintballing, it was a great tactical exercise - and you can't even AIM a damn paintball gun. I am 100% in favor of Airsoft rifles.
Link Posted: 2/8/2002 8:12:36 PM EST
[Last Edit: 2/8/2002 8:28:15 PM EST by AMHsix]
I bought my gun in mid-December. A standard Tokyo Marui MP5K-PDW from [url]http://www.wargameclub.com/WGC_Shop[/url]. The orange paint came right off, as did the trade mark covering. (If you want the gun to look "real"[as it left the factory]. You may care about this. I did.) It's weight is pretty close to a real one. (I actually have shot a H&K MP5K-PDW, FYI.)Obviously it has no recoil and much less noise. It dry fires(doesn't shoot a BB) every so often, and I have flyers every-now-and-then. But for 1 cent every 3 shots, $300 for a gun, battery & charger/dis-charger it's better then the real thing. Though, I can't kill anyone with it, but aluminum cans and cereal boxes are scared shitless! 50 rounds shot into the same area of a cookie tin will penetrate it. Knowing what I know now, I think I'd like a ICS MP5SD3 more, but my PDW is a fun gun and I'm not spending another $300 for a full-auto BB gun. I already have one. I learned a lot from [url]http://www.airsoftplayers.com[/url] FAQ's, but I can't stand the people on the forum there. Me being a "newbie", they just don't want to hear your questions, and I got some bad info there too. I don't know if there are any teams here, in Oklahoma City, but I haven't looked really hard. So plinking in my room is all I've really done. Buy a bunch of BB's with your gun. I bought one 3700 round bag thinking that was enough but it wasn't. I just received twelve 4000 round bags. You're not supposed to re-use BB's, but I have anyways.
Link Posted: 2/8/2002 9:30:12 PM EST
I have a Tokyo Marui MP5 A5. It's pretty cool. If you get one stay away from the Korean brands, although a few of the gas ones are ok. I've put over 10,000 through mine and just replaced the motor. Buy the lubricant for the compressor it'll save you the trouble of having to replace the fuses (buy some of those too) Stay away from the paint bb's, they don't fit in the electric guns and you can mess up the compressor if 1 breaks in there. Oh yeah the motor upgrade (which I just bought) is vicious. It'll punch holes into unopened coke cans, and really mess up dry wall. I got mine while living in Hong Kong, so no cheesy day-glo paint. I buy my other parts from : [url] www.campobase.com [/url] They are an Italian company and shipping is a pain. But they have a good variety of guns and parts.
Link Posted: 2/8/2002 9:38:51 PM EST
Thanks for the info guys... I wouldn't be surprised if this isn't a purchase I make in the next few months,,, I've seen some Tokyo Mauri M4's on ebay for less than 400 bills so who knows I'll get back to the board with my experience....
Link Posted: 2/8/2002 9:39:50 PM EST
[Last Edit: 2/8/2002 9:57:30 PM EST by AR-15Fan]
Well, myself, my younger brother and few local 20-something guys have played a few times. I only have a gas blow back pistol though, and let me tell you the AEGs (automatic electric gun) are way better for playing outdoors. The good quality guns are very, very nice. I've borrowed a Tokyo Mauri MP5 and Sig 550 to play with a few times. Very nice, WAYYY better than my gas pistol. It beats the pants off paintball, because number one the guns are not goofy junk like paintball. They are realistic right down to the trademarks and such (covered over alot now for sale). Mag reloads are just like the real thing (standard mags hold a few more rounds than real life, around 50 for you average AEG, but it's close enough. My group has agreed to not use mega hi-cap trash at all.) Number two, because of your limited ammo, and reloads and such, people aim. Which is another part where the realistic guns come in. It is VERY sweet to be playing, getting into the game and have a very realistic looking/feeling/operating gun in your hands. Frantically swapping mags while you're pinned down and such. Very sweet. You just don't get that with paintball and it's 200+ round hoppers and such fake guns. Number three people playing tend to take it more seriously, none of this "Xtreme Sport" crap that paintball has kinda become. Airsoft is for people who want realism when they play wargames IMO. The rifles, especially with upgrades to increase velocity, are pretty accurate. My GBB pistol (a KSC M9 btw) is accurate but only at fairly short ranges. It is great for indoors, and is a good backup gun for outdoors, but to play outdoor games you really need a rifle. I'm lucky enough to have a Airsoft retail store near me, www.airsoftatlanta.com so I've handled all the popular rifles (don't sell most of the rifles on their site for some reason???). They are very nice. Now, the "springer" airsoft guns are junk, and are not to be played with in scrimages. This cheap stuff you see at most gun shows and for sale in tapco and cheaperthan dirt and such is only good for plinking, so don't think you're getting the real thing with those. You need a gas blow back pistol at least ($100-$150 for a decent one) or preferably a AEG ($250-$350ish) to play with. Here's a few sites to buy from: www.redwolfairsoft.com www.precisionairsoft.com www.747imports.com www.airsoftatlanta.com (have the ICS Airsoft Elite MP5s for great prices, pretty nice guns, good first weapon) For info/reviews and forums for starters: www.airsoftplayers.net www.airsoftzone.com www.planetairsoft.net squadx.ukairsoft.net I'm sure you could have alot of mall ninja wannabes that could ruin it. For me and everyone I know it's just for fun, we don't think we're badasses because we play airsoft. Strictly for fun (and some practice I guess), but we all want the most realistic game you can get without actually getting killed... This is the best out there currently that's affordable IMHO.
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