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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/2/2001 4:25:47 PM EST
Just curious if any of you have any experience with these. I have a younger cousin that is very interested in getting one, and I told him that I would check the board and see what your experience has been with them. Thanks! Chopperdave
Link Posted: 10/2/2001 4:27:29 PM EST
mine was a blast to play with.just make sure you get lots of bbs and dont show it to the younger kids my 5 year old nephew now owns it
Link Posted: 10/2/2001 4:34:09 PM EST
Are you looking at the spring powered ones or the electric, pistol or long gun? There are also some co2 pistol ones that use PC duster type cans to fill. These diffences make a huge diffence in cost. i.e. a spring powered pistol is $18-25 and a spring powered mp5 is about $50. On the other end of things is a fully tricked out fully auto m16 or mp5 for about $400-500. The gas-blowback pistols are about $100. I have a mini (1/3rd scale) electric Mp5 that I got for about $20. It is fun to mess with but not really that impressive. Also had a spring powered Desert Eagle but it broke.
Link Posted: 10/2/2001 4:43:05 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/2/2001 4:38:08 PM EST by BCBUD]
Tell him to get a Tokyo Marui Airsoft electric gun, if he is serious about getting into airsoft as a sport. he should also check out [url]www.airsoftzone.com[/url] for good information on getting started Its sortof a gay sport now though, before it was mainly upperclass people and mainly asians playing, but now the whitetrash paintball crowd is catching on.
Link Posted: 10/2/2001 4:43:09 PM EST
I have a replica Beretta M92 and it is real nice. I had several airsofts as a kid (In the 1980s, but at some time or the other they made it 18+ to buy. That stinks since me and my friends used to shoot 'em at each other. They stung but nobody cared. We had fun. Now fun isn't PC anymore. In some states you have to technically be 16 to possess w/o a parent present. I'm pretty sure that Kalifornia/NYC/CT and a few others ban many airsofts because they are too realistic.
Link Posted: 10/2/2001 4:45:48 PM EST
I'm looking at the battery-powered ones that 747 imports have, spec. the MP5. I have an HK 94 and my cousin LOVES it. I told him about the Airsoft stuff and he went nuts. He's 14 and a pretty good kid. Has his own 10/22, and is REALLY careful about safety, etc. Kid was out with me last fall and I let him take down a rabbit that ran right in front of us. Kid balled for a week! Loves guns and safety, hates to kill.....
Link Posted: 10/2/2001 5:00:18 PM EST
Here is what one of the members here had to say the last time this was asked. Author Topic: Airsoft: all of your questions answered SEAL Junior Member posted 12-31-2000 03:40 Hey all, My name is Scott and I am fairly new to these forums. I am however a veteran airsoft player, and when I ran a seach for airsoft, I found that some here know about it, own some, or are curious about them. Please note I am not a retailer, I am just trying to help you all out by clearing a few clouds. Airsoft rundown- Airsoft originated in Japan back in the 80's due to restrictions on guns in Japan. The result is VERY realistic replicas that often times cannot be distinguished from their "real steel" counterparts, until the trigger is pulled. AEG's (automatic electric guns)- these are airsoft guns which use a battery to power a motor, which turns 3 gears, which draws back a piston and lets it go, letting the air gathered in the cyliner expel a 6mm plastic projectile forward, at apx 285 fps (of course, this is for a stock gun) and at a fully automatic rate of fire, from 700-1000+ rounds per minute. However, costly modifications and the addition of a systema (aftermarket company) or PDI (aftermarket company) main spring such as the M160 or 300% spring can make these guns shoot at 500-550 fps, yet many airsofters feel that 450 fps is the maximum acceptable velocity. The main manufacturers of AEG's are Tokyo Marui (which is favored), TOP, and the recent additions of Airsoft Elite and Classic Army. Older manufacturers are Toytec, JAC, and a few others, whom no longer manufacture guns. Here is a list of the Tokyo Marui AEG's M-16 series: A1, A2, VN model, CAR 15, XM177E2, M4A1/RIS model, SR-16 MP5 Series- A4, A5, SD5, SD6, K, PDW G3 Series- A3, A4, SG-1, MC51, PSG1**semi auto only Others- M1A1, SIG 550/551, FAMAS F1/SV, Steyr AUG military/civlian, AK47/s, UZI Other Manufacturers of AEG's make guns such as; 4 versions of the M-60, MP5 series, M134 vulcan. New guns to be released- FN P90, FN M249 Please note that the airsoft Vulcan does infact fire at 6000 rounds per MINUTE, and there is only one known owner in the US AEG accessories/upgrades. Upgrades are a pain to talk about so I'll make it short. Unless you upgrade all the internals, your gun will not be as reliable/durable as it was stock. Of course, I am talking about if you "upgrade" the parts that affect velcocity, such as the main spring. Upgrading the spring and doing nothing else has the potential to kill your gun. Basically, what I am saying is dont buy one of these and put in the biggest spring available. IF your gun can even fire with it in, the first few shots will crack open your whole gun*** Systema and PDI are the 2 main upgrade part manufacturers. Of course, accessories for your AEG's can be found at most gunstores like scopes, lasers, carry handles (I have a bushmaster carry handle on my M4) and stuff like that. Specialty airsoft parts such as the tracer unit (explained below) autoloaders, and suppressors can be had at most airsoft retailers. cont
Link Posted: 10/2/2001 5:00:48 PM EST
cont GBB (gas blow-back): These guns are powered by HFC134a (1,1,1,2 tetrafluoroethane), or HFC22 chlorodifuloromethane with silicon additive for lubrication purposes, the latter being a stronger gas. GBB's are the most fun to shoot, and the most common form of GBB's is in the automatic pistol form. These guns work EXACTLY like real steel pistols. (gas and BB's placed in real size magazine, loaded into gun in the handle, slide racked, gas pushes BB forward, slide back and does produce recoil, hammer re-cocked/next round loaded, repeat until empty, slide locks back via slide lock lever) There are lesser expensive GBB's out there which are not as exact as some of the more high end pistols, which if ordered out of country run from 100-300 dollars. The most popular GBB makers are Western Arms, KSC, Maruzen, Tanaka, and Tokyo Marui. These guns come in the following forms: Beretta- M9, 92, centurion, brigadeir, 92 INOX, 92 elite, 84, Cougar, 93r (full auto) Colt- 1911A1, 1991 black or silver, MKIV series 70 and 80 Walther- P99 (suppressor avail) PPk (suppressor avail) H&K- MK23 SOCOM, USP .40, USP tacical, USP custom Strayer Voight INFINITY- 6", 5", 4.3", 3.9" in black or silver SIG- 220, 226, 228, 229, 230, 232, sigro 2340 GLOCK- 17, 26, 18c (full auto) Other- DE .50, CZ 75, browning HP, etc Tracer Unit- This item looks like a suppressor, and basically has a light in it which is activated when a BB passes through the clear tube. This does not suppress the gun, or affect velocity or accuracy, but it does provide a nice little "muzzle flash" or, when using special green tracer BB's, will give an AWESOME starwars affect...but it does give away your position. Spring Powered- inexpensive, not very powerful, nuff said. UNLESS you get a Tokyo Marui Spring Shotgun, Benelli M3 or SPAS 12, which fire 3 BB's per trigger pull and are very powerful and fun to shoot. And then the hi-end single shot sniper rifles...but those are a whole new topic. Those are the main types of airsoft guns. Basically, AEG's are all automatic assault rifles and SMG's, and *most* GBB's are pistols, and the only really fun springers are sniper rifles and shotguns. Airsoft guns are basically used for inexpensive yet very fun plinking, tactical training, and skirmishing in a similar fashion to paintball (which we laugh at when we all see orange and purple colored guns) yet we play by an honor system, because airsoft BB's leave no visible markings behind. Yet when skirmishing, we take all the needed precautions to prevent injury- eye and face protection, which is MANDANTORY. And because we play with such realistic replicas, we almost always carry our gear and spare magazines with us the same way that the SEAL's or the Rangers do. Many of the hardcore airsofters invest alot of time and money into thier gear and guns, for example, here is my total loadout:
Link Posted: 10/2/2001 5:01:25 PM EST
cont AEG- Knights Armament SR-16 M4. Base gun- TM M4A1. Additions- Systema KAC metal body, bushmaster carry handle, tight bore barrel, all systema upgraded internals, aimshot 6300 laser sight, 4x20 scope, dual magazine clamp, retractable 4 position stock. Soon to add replica M203 (fires like spas 12/M3), surefire replica M500A tactical light, C-more flat-top tactical sight. GBB- TM M9 (full metal, on order), USP .40 with threaded barrel and suppressor. Gear- Woodland BDU set, Eagle Industries tactical vest and thigh holster/pistol belt combo, M12 holster, Balaclava, ESS CBCAM goggles, ALTAMA combat boots, BDU cap, Motorola 250/w headset, camelbak hydration system, 6 spare magazines for the M4, 2 for the M9, 1 for the USP, pistol lanyard for M9, nomex flight gloves. Can you say special forces? Cause when you play airsoft, you sure can feel like a SEAL, or SWAT, or whatever youre into. LAWS- all airsoft guns come with orange paint on the muzzles, and with trademarks puttied over. Yes, these guns are so exact that they even have identical trademarks on them, liscensed of course in japan. However, it is possible to reverse them both, which is not a good idea because it is a felony to do so. (nobody does it...really) Basically, airsoft is a great sport, and I hope this answers some questions for you all. US retailers that I recommend: www.airsoftdepot.net www.midwestairsoft.com Hong Kong retailers I recommend: www.redwolfairsoft.com www.dentrinity.com www.wargameclub.com These are all legit retailers with the best prices around, and with great customer service and product selection, and they are the best around. Have fun, and please do it safely. Take care all, Scott SEAL Junior Member posted 12-31-2000 03:47 also, I forgot to add, great sources of airsoft information can be had at the site and forums at www.airsoftzone.com You can register as a member there for free and you can view a forum that has over 30,000 useful posts. However, if you do, please search for your questions first, or your post will be deleted. Many new people come and post questions that have been answered a few times, so if you go, please be forwarned. The best forum for information that is not as widely used anymore (server problems so we couldnt post, and everyone moved to airsoftzone, but then it got fixed but nobody posts there anymore) is none other than www.airsoftguns.com This has TONS of information on it, and will be very helpful to you all. BTW, my alias at all of these forums is "SEAL" so you can identify me should you go. If you have any questions for me, please send them to airsoft@avenew.com and I will reply ASAP
Link Posted: 10/2/2001 5:05:57 PM EST
Rip Meyer- Jeez, thanks for the info, I appreciate you going the extra mile and digging that up for me! I knew someone here would know about them. Thanks to everyone else also, If anybody has any personal thoughts, please let them rip!! Chopperdave
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