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Posted: 1/6/2003 8:39:05 PM EST
I'm sitting on my balcony right now in Phoenix Arizona. The wind is blowing every so often, its a chilly 60 degrees. I'm on my laptop smoking one of Winston Wolf's Cohibas that he was handing out at the shoot. I got a nice warm blanket on my lap, and I'm surfing AR15.com. I'm trying to FORGET the horrible deed I must perform tomorrow. I have to do a very bad thing to someone I care about. I am going to the dentist to possibly get a tooth removed. They want 700 dollars to fix it, I WILL NOT PUT AN AR15 IN MY MOUTH. So it goes bye bye. Plus it hurts like hell and My dentist is a PAINKILLER nazi. The first time I asked, after six months of fillings and 2 root canals, she treated me like a total addict and gave me baby vicoden, VICOPROFEN. I was like WTF lady! IT HURTS! It was the first time I had ever taken NARCS too. So I will see what happens tomorrow..... I'm relaxing right now.
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