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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/3/2001 6:23:31 PM EST
I work in a Downtown area. There have been 10 armed muggings in ten days all females. My bosses after my nagging since I started there3 months ago are now willing to allow me to carry. All the asked was if they could call my local sheriff and verify my CWP. The only other requirment was that no one sees it as it may scare some of the other people. This is strictly against company policy but as the CEO told me In light of recent events he doesn't want a lawsuit over not allowing someone to protect themselves and I have more training than most of the cops he has walk thru the building armed. Amazing how when they talk in theory they will say one thing but when the threat is real and present they change there minds. BTW the boss that informed me (in writing) was also one of the people who approached me on 9/11 saying if anything happened they where with me.
Link Posted: 11/3/2001 6:31:23 PM EST
It should be a matter of course that businesses that do not allow their employees to carry at work (so long as its in compliance with local law) should be sued if anything happens to them at work or going to or from work. Even if you were just present at a armed robbery, or even a strongarm robbery, and were not physically handled yourself you should sue for psychological damage. Why attorneys dont advertise for this on TV I dont know, it happens so often at convienance stores and gass stations you think there would be money in it.
Link Posted: 11/3/2001 7:28:11 PM EST
Great! Next step: How to convince them to convert part of the company weight room into a pistol range...
Link Posted: 11/3/2001 9:17:36 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/4/2001 4:19:06 AM EST
I have made it my personal mission at my office to make sure that everyone has their CCW permit. At first, I only succeeded in getting the Owner of the company to get his. He and I always had "an understanding" though. I had my permit for years prior. Then a couple years later I had a new AR upper sent to the office and the Secretary had a fit when she found out that I had a "Gun" in the office. (through her soninlaw) And I was advised that the "Workplace" was not the place for "Guns". No amount of explaining that this was only a PART and not a controlled PART at that, would alleviate her concerns. So I just agreed and said OK. We have a new Office President because the Owner wants to retire. I didn't care because I knew what the owner's opinion was. Then one day I was working in a Very bad area I mentioned to the Boss that I was unarmed and was hoping he had his... His comment was "What do you mean you don't have your gun?" I explained the No Guns at work statement and he just shook his head and said "Whatever". Then all of a sudden the Biotch Secretary get an eye opener while in the office all alone one evening. 2 spookies come in to the office "" looking for something. Well that fixed her wagon!!!!!!!! For the next 2 weeks straight she asked me every day to get her and her hubby CCW aplications. I complied graciosly. Getting her all the apps and lining her up with the right people so that she could get qualified prior to sending off the paperwork. This was just prior to 9-11. Then I hooked her up with the right dealers to get her and her hubby some new guns. Smiling from ear to ear.(me) I then proceeded to praise her for taking this necessary step to protect herself. I was soo proud of her when she passed her Qualification and jumped for joy when she got her license. She never liked me very much till she needed me to do something for her. I think that she was floored by the fact that I actually went out of my way for her. (understand that I am her son in laws Supervisor and she is the Sister in law of the Owner and that she is an Apple, I am an Orange) Now all of a sudden she realizes that we DO share some common ground. And has never made another Antigun comment in my presense. H*ll since she and her hubby got their Lic's they have been on a buying spree. 9-11 reinforced what I have been telling them, "that they are responsible for their own safety." As far as the new Pres. goes, He doesn't ask, I don't tell. I am a Land surveyor. 1 day I can be in little Harlem, the next I could be miles from any roads working out on the Marshlands. I have had more encounters with Wild Animals (Pack Dogs, Rabid Raccoons, Large Cats, Deer) than I have ever had with 2 legged vermin. With the dogs being the worst. Adtech, You should encourage your Supers to file for their Lic's. Del
Link Posted: 11/4/2001 4:42:38 AM EST
It's amazing how people don't care about something until it affects them. What's the old saying?? "A Liberal is a Conservative who hasn't been mugged yet?" Talk about "getting religion."
Link Posted: 11/4/2001 4:46:32 AM EST
good job del! more of us need to follow your example.
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