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Posted: 6/11/2001 2:45:56 PM EST
Anyone else think that the marines is a good choice for someone to go to after highschool.I also like guns and figured the marines was a good place to learn about them there. And I kind of always wanted to see what real combat was like, I don't know if that might make me sound like a weirdo, I guess it might. I know a lot of people from these forums have been in the armed forces, anyone have any information or advice they could offer?
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 2:55:44 PM EST
You don't need to join the Armed Forces to learn about guns, at least not yet. Since it is peacetime I suggest you be picky. Check with a Marines recruiting center. Depending on your desires / skills etc you might be able to trade 4 years for some college money. Don't fall for that bullshit they tell you about training on the latest electronic / computers, etc. By the time you get out in 4 years whatever they have now will be obsolete. Now if you are in to BIG guns then go with the Armed Forces, otherwise formulate an exit strategy before you join up. My 2 cents and good luck in the future.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 2:57:36 PM EST
combat is horrible.Movies cannot replicate combat,or what you might see.The military likes young guys who think like you,who want to see "action" However,joining the military is good for building character,and important traits like respect.I (along with others) will only tell you to take your time,and think about it,research,and talk to those who have done it.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 2:58:52 PM EST
I like small arms rifles and what not, I dont particularly like big machine guns and other larger weapons.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 3:01:57 PM EST
NO!!! well somebody had to say it.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 3:02:06 PM EST
Well the Armed Forces was the best experience of my life. I went in right out of high school. I went into the Army for one special reason. I really like jumping out of shit and yes the Marines sometimes parachute, but they suck at it. If you don't like being wet and having sand in the crack of your ass then go with the Army. I went to Ranger school and well the motto says it all, "Rangers Lead the Way!!." Saw combat in Panama and Saudi and trust me when I tell you that if you can get the experience of the Armed Forces without having to fight, then all the more power to you. Nobody should ever have to be that scared. But if it happens, fight with all you got and believe that your never going to live through it. That way if you get zapped you were expecting it and if you live it's like an early Xmas. Seriously, you will learn alot no matter where you go. The Marines are a good group so give it 110% and do something for your country. Congrats!
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 3:06:01 PM EST
No, you should join the Foreign Legion. You get to learn a new language, live in Europe, you dont have to put up with the gender and race politics, dal with watered-down training, and get to shoot the FAMAS!
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 3:06:14 PM EST
Joining the Marine Corps was the best thing I ever did with my life. It is the most demanding and rewarding thing someone can do with their life. Do it, but ONLY if you are going to do it well. Semper Fi.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 3:12:38 PM EST
You might also consider the Reserves as an option, they will help you with college and you get time to decide if it's the career for you. You still get to be a part of the Corps and play with their toys as well. BTW wanting to know about combat does'nt make you weird, if it did all the dudes watching non-stop History Channel would have to be weird as well. However, combat IS something to be avoided, better to experience it vicariously if possible so you can live to be old like some of the rest of us! Like everybody else said, think it out carefully and get lots of first hand advice.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 3:14:13 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 3:14:23 PM EST
I watch the history channel and the learning channel usually when they have stuff about guns, or wars.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 3:20:34 PM EST
Originally Posted By JBR: Anyone else think that the marines is a good choice for someone to go to after highschool.
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It depends. If I were medically qualified, I think I would have done so. There are good things and bad things to say about it. I'd suggest that you go first find the book _Making the Corps_ by Thomas E. Ricks. it's available at www.amazon.com [search books], and I think essential How long will you stay in the Corps? If only a short time, what will your experience in it do over the course of your life? [tough questions, I was there not too long ago - take you time with it, no matter what people say] If you decide yes, ask the recruiter for a list of MOSes (MOS - what job you'll have, like basic infantryman, machine gunner, aircraft mechanic, or mess specialist/cook. Look at them, pick one, and MAKE SURE THE RECRUITER WILL GUARANTEE THAT MOS-SIGNED AND IN WRITING. The recruiter may not be all that happy with that, but insist, otherwise you'll be assigned to whatever the Corps needs DON'T SIGN ANY PAPERWORK your first visit to teh recruiter, AND without at having thought through it. It's best to talk to mom and dad, and any buddies you may have in the armed forces first. You can't just quit the Marine Corps, either except when your contract is up. Be aware that any misconduct while you're in the Corps can get you a dishonorable discharge, which will be a black eye you'll carry for the rest of your life. DON'T TOUCH DRUGS. Instant dishonorable discharge. And they test very frequently. Great way to ruin your life.
And I kind of always wanted to see what real combat was like.
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You probably won't see any combat. But, there's another book, Guy Sajer's _The Forgotten Soldier_ that you should read. The author served in the German Army on the Eastern Front. No other book/movie/description better fits what I think "combat" would be like than this one, and I highly recommend it. Read at least one chapter in full. It's NOT fun reading. It's NOT an adventure. It's a nightmare.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 3:20:39 PM EST
You sound exactly like me when I was graduating high school. All I wanted to do was get as far away as I could from ANY more schooling!! My parents wanted me to go to college. I said NO WAY !! This is my life and my decision!! I wanted to be a Marine and I wanted to be Infantry. So my Drill Instructors molded me into a 03humpalot. Believe me, if I could do it again I would do it differently.... Trust me there is not that much shooting in the millitary. Yes we did shoot alot of bullets but it was not very often. You spend 80% of your time just carrying the damn M16. As I look back on the time I spent in the Corps and even though there were some good times for the most part it was wasted time that could have been better spent educating myself. I always wondered how I would react if placed in a "combat" situation. Guys just wonder about those things because we are not faced with those experiences in our everyday life. I spent 6 months in Desert Storm. Believe me, your curiosity for "real" combat is based on nothing real-life. To this day I remember my feelings on "real" combat once I experienced it first hand. I could not have been anymore honest when I said it at the time. I meant it with all my heart. "I would not send my worst enemy into this." My honest advice to you would prolly be the last thing you even want to hear. Which in reality means it is the most right thing you could do. GO TO SCHOOL ! GO TO COLLEGE ! And work very hard at being the best student you can be. You can plan on going to school AFTER the millitary but take it from a veteran, you will have wasted precious years. Good Luck and do what you know is right!
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 3:20:40 PM EST
Awww! Why don't you just skip to the top and join the UN Rapid Reaction Force. You get a blue helmet and a license to interfere with all sorts of foreign countries so that those countries get even more screwed up. Then you can help seize people's private firearms........WAIT!! that doesn't sound too good! You might just want to join the Marines.......then they will let you go to a foreign country and wear a blue helmet and get a license to interfere with all sorts of other foreign countries so that they can get even more screwed up....... I guess I'm really frustrated that our military now asks our young men to die not for America, but as policemen for the UN.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 3:24:43 PM EST
I joined the Navy after High School, and look at me now...[%|] But honestly... if that's what you wanna do, go ahead and do it. If not... piss off civilian![heavy]
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 3:28:03 PM EST
Yes join the MARINES. I am an ex Marine and after all the BS I received while in the corp's I wish I would have joined the Air force, don't get me wrong i am proud to be a MARINE but I rather would learn a usable skill in the air force than learn how to kill in the MARINE CORPS. If you want to learn about guns then go to the library and read up on them or get a job in a gun store while your going to college.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 3:35:04 PM EST
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Originally Posted By JBR: I watch the history channel and the learning channel usually when they have stuff about guns, or wars.
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These guys give you honest answers and the best you can do is "I watch the history channel and the learning channel usually when they have stuff about guns, or wars." That is fu--inkg lame. "My cat's breath smells like cat food" OK Ralph Wiggums, Pick the Marine Corps 'cause they "Will wash your ass out" & you can go home & watch the History channel & tell your pals you were in the military.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 3:35:21 PM EST
I don't know if I will have enough money to go to a good college.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 3:37:27 PM EST
These guys give you honest answers and the best you can do is "I watch the history channel and the learning channel usually when they have stuff about guns, or wars." That is fu--inkg lame. "My cat's breath smells like cat food" OK Ralph Wiggums, Pick the Marine Corps 'cause they "Will wash your ass out" & you can go home & watch the History channel & tell your pals you were in the military.[/quote] Ok gun-fan go harass another 15 year old still in highschool.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 3:38:21 PM EST
JBR I was wanting to join the Marines also but let me tell you one thing and don't let anyone tell you other wise. They will only guarantee you not the job but a field like if you pick Armory thats what I wanted there are 4 jobs in there one is small arms repair, another you repaired tank gun's the third was you fixed radar for gun's and last was you fixed laser guide stuff now I was not in to 50% of thou jobs but if you like them all go in to it if you look at www.search.usajobs.opm.gov/wfjic/cgi-bin/wwcgi.dll?WFJIC~WFJICSearch~tTL You will see the Army needs guys bad for repairing small arms and are willing to pay up to $20k if you sign on for 2 years and at the army you get to pick the job and everything the marines are well known for putting people where they want them and me they where trying to place as a cook. LOOK at all the arm forces before you choice the Coast guard is also a good place.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 3:42:47 PM EST
Not if you haven't picked up your diploma yet. See http://www.indystar.com/print/citystate/fri/articles/marines08.html WARNING! This will make your blood boil. Madkiwi
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 3:54:54 PM EST
I think you should wait a while before joining any armed forces. I almost joined right out of high school, and looking back, I'm glad I didn't. But, I'm 21 now, have a family, and I'm about to join the Air Force. Frankly, I wasn't prepared to join the military when I was that age, and hadn't really figured out what I wanted in life. Now that I'm a little older and have had a few years in out in the world, I know what I want and where I'm going. It's something not to be taken lightly, as you will be giving your life to an organization that you may or may not really want to. If I were you, I would talk to as many people as I could that have been in the service, and see what their take on it is. Also, if you don't join now, you still have several years left in which to change your mind. Hope it helps.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 4:06:11 PM EST
I was a Marine, in the air support system. Boot camp was rough, but you do get to shoot some guns, even in the air wing. I'd say 4 times a year, rifle, pistol, shotgun, machine gun. I was also in the guard, and got to try 9 months as an army MP. Less shooting in the army unless you are a grunt, even then not a lot. MPs shoot the nine a fair amount, but not a lot of rifle or machine gun, even when that is their TO field weapon. If I really wanted to go in the service, wanted to shoot a fair amount, and wanted to live well, I would join the Air Force in the Security Forces. You live like you are in college, but still get to shoot as much as an army grunt. If you join, get everything in writing. Most importantly, take a friend. The recruiters can sell you the world, and they lie like dogs. Have the friend there to keep you on track to make sure you get everything in writing!
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 4:12:04 PM EST
Yeah, what Happy said. I'm about to go Security Forces myself.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 4:12:08 PM EST
jbr-- my son just graduated from marine corps boot camp in april and is now in electronics training at 29 (twentynine palms, ca to those not familiar with corps jargon). he had a full ride to a good college but wanted to do it his way. we weren't thrilled about his decision but when he promised his mom that he would have his degree when he finished his 5, we supported him completely. boot camp was the toughest experience of his life. unrelenting pressure from the di's, extremely demanding p/t, little sleep, extreme loneliness, etc. but he made it (30# lighter!). now he is a marine forever. it's something that only a handful of highly motivated, disciplined individuals will ever achieve. he had very high test scores so he got the mos (2800) he wanted as well as a bonus paid when he completes school. there are a tremendous number of opportunities available to the individual marine--free college tuition, distance learning, etc--but you have to be motivated to take advantage of them. you also have to be disciplined enough to follow through. if you are going to just be an 03 grunt then you should be of the mindset that you are doing this to serve your country--that's an admirable goal--but if you want more out of your Marine Corps experience talk to marines who are in now to get the straight scoop as to what it's like--my son did and then made a rational decision which he does not regret. hope this helps--if you'd like more info. email me and i'll see if he can email you with any questions you might have. one more thing--don't believe a thing the recruiters say--they're salesmen who have quotas--get anything important in writing--and don't let them, under any circumstances, talk you into going in under an "open contract"!!! best of luck and God be with you as you make your decision. earlybirdnj
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 4:26:45 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/11/2001 4:28:15 PM EST by Q-Man]
What do you really like to do? What subjects in school excite you? I have always liked computers, math, and science. My grades were always excellent in these subjects and messing around on computers was a hobby for me. While in high school, I had a cousin in college studying computer engineering. My cousin and I were like two peas in a pod, so I decide I should go into computer engineering too. I couldn't have made a better choice. In one week I graduate from college (not a big name university, but still decent) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering. In two weeks I start a job working for the worlds larges chip maker with a starting salary upwards of $50k/year. It's a job I like too. I'm 22 years old and have my whole life ahead of me. I don't think it would have been the best thing for me to go into the military (I would have gone in under Clinton). While it would be fun to blow crap up, I don't think that the time I put in would equal the training and money I would have gotten out. I'm already a fairly disciplined person (you have to be to get an engineering degree in 4 years), so I don't think that that aspect of military training would have been all that necessary for me. My only regret about not going into the military is that I would have liked to serve my country and blow crap up. The trick is to pick something you like to do, but also makes decent money. If you're not passionate about something, you won't do well at it--or at least not as well as you could do. Either that, or you will be miserable every day at work. My best friend (since the 4th grade) joined the Marines out of high school. He's in the reserves. Every so often he has to go in for a weekend to play soldier. Two weeks a year (?) he gets to go someplace and do a little bit more soldiering. After Basic and MOS he went to a 2 year technical school and he is now working at a decent job. For him, I think the Marines was a good character and discipline builder. I don't think the pay is what it should be though. At 15 you can't be too certain what type of person you are--you're still developing. Just keep your eyes open and think about what you really enjoy doing. Remember, you don't need to go to a really "good" college/university to do well. I went 2 years to a community college (cheap), then transferred over to a local State University (still fairly cheap). I was focused and knew exactly what I wanted to do the whole time, so I knew exactly what courses to take and got good grades. Internships paved the way to a good job. Best of luck to you! You have plenty of time to think about it.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 4:53:06 PM EST
HEY JBR, go ahead and join the Marine Corps. The DI's would love to have a little punk that lacks any respect for authority.("F*** the police"-from your previous posts) I think a 15 year old kid getting a hard on about "combat" and wanting to join the military probably to fool his classmates into thinking he's cool is rather pathetic. Let me guess, kind of a loser huh? Don't do real well with the chicks? Hey, are you the guy that posted the "Need help with girls" topic a few weeks ago? Christ, they should set a freakin 18 and older only rule on this site. Go home to mommy. MP(as in MILITARY POLICE)906 [-!-]
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 5:00:09 PM EST
I'm a little ambivalent about the armed forces. Serving in the Navy for six years has had the most positive impact on my life: was a machinist's mate and parlayed that into a civilian career in power plants for a good living, met my wife (not some NAV ho or bargirl from the PI, either), earned some good VA benefits (which I'm still using). However, someone earlier mentioned the gender politics and I'd have to say that that would be a factor that'd weigh heavily on any military decision for me if I were in your spot right now. I sure wouldn't go in just to play with weapons or learn "combat." Don't let some recruiter or anyone at a MEPS station blow smoke up your behind. The nasty guard might be a suitable alternative for awhile. In Oklahoma, as well as other states, if you're an active drilling member of the nasty guard, tuition and books at a state supported school are paid for by the guard. Plus you get your drill check. My brother did this after he got out of the active duty Army and collected on GI Bill, too. Sounds like you've got plenty of time to figure this one out. Good luck.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 5:15:34 PM EST
MP906 did you ever think I might not have a mom?
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 5:27:21 PM EST
Yeah, go ahead, join the Marine Corps. If ya wanna dig holes and sleep in the mud!!!! Naaa I'm just f*cking with all the jar heads on here. I just got out of active duty Air Force where I was a weapons loader on the F-15E. I'm currently in the Air Guard as a Aerial Gunner on HH-60's. The Military is the best thing that I did in my life. You'll meet the best people in the world. I'm from Pennsylvania, had I not joined the AF I would have never gotten out to Alaska. Go for it man!!! The least it will do for you is give you direction
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 5:43:37 PM EST
You all need to lighten up on the lad. It is every 15 year olds god-given right to say and do dumb things. You all need to grow up; JBR has his excuse. What's yours? Military life varies considerably. From one branch to another and from one MOS to another. You can hear one guy say he loved it and another guy say it was the worst possible thing for him, and both may very well be telling the truth. I've been in the Corps for a dozen years. Entered with an open contract (a very dumb thing to do), but was given a good job due to a good ASVAB score. I'm not going to say what the minimum ASVAB is for a good job, as it would piss off all the knuckledraggers out there. Don't think of a military career as an end in itself, but as training for a "real" job when you get out (even if it is twenty years later). Most gun nuts do more shooting than what Uncle Sam will provide. Pick a job that is marketable in the civillian world. I doubt that IBM will be very impressed with knowing that you are the baddest mofo to ever come out of Camp Lejeune. They WILL be interested in your years of experience in a field related to their company. Visit a military website like www.usmc.mil and look past the obvious recruiting propaganda sections. Most military bases have their own websites. Look into these to get a general ideal of what you are getting into. I was absolutely clueless myself, but everything worked out for good.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 5:52:11 PM EST
What do you all mean by "open contract?"
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 6:10:30 PM EST
...or the AIR FORCE. Looking back--way back--I should have gone IMMEDIATELY. I was too much of a follower then. And PUSSYWHIPPED. When I was 19, my Father died unexpectedly at the age of 49. I was devestated. Spent the next several years in a funk and basically misspent my young adulthood. Had I gone into the Armed Services, I'm sure I would have handled the rest of my Life better; especially the death of my Father. I possibly would have had my head out of my ass MUCH sooner!!! Please, don't waste your time thinking about it too long. It will help you for the rest of YOUR Life, I'm positive of that. Good Luck, young Man.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 6:13:32 PM EST
The jarhead term "open contract" is what we Navy men called "undesignated striker." What it means, more or less, is that you do not have an assigned or designated job upon entering active duty. Sometimes this is a good thing, but not always. You're really at someone else's mercy as to what skill group you're assigned. If you're in the right place at the right time, like Ssgt D (good ASVAB scores don't hurt either), you could wind up okay. Too much of a gamble for me. This is what I mean when I say don't let a recruiter or MEPS person blow smoke up your behind with some cock 'n bull line like, "It'll give you the chance to try everything out if you're undecided and gain experience." Don't fall for that.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 6:15:19 PM EST
I was active duty USMC for 4 years and reserve Army National Gaurd for another 4. My first instinct is to tell you HELL NO! But I'm looking at it from the eyes of a cynical man that maybe has seen to much change for the worse in his country. If you must do it then get yourself an MOS that is likely to get you over seas for an extended period of time. Duty in the states sucks shit. Marines belong over seas protecting this countrys interests. I spent two years in the far east, believe me I know what I'm talking about. If you like weapons and want to see some of the world go for Marine Security Guard they train with several types of small arms. You will work at a U.S. embassy or consulate and have excellent travel/liberty and meet people in the diplomatic field from all over the world. Lots of babes in the diplomatic corps. If you just like weapons try to get into an armorers MOS. A background in machine trades will help. If you like weapons and want to be a "real Marine" then get an Infantry MOS. In closing my final advise is don't fight for a government that turns its back on its veterans. The rich won't fight to stay wealthy and powerful as long as guys like you are willing to do it for them. The days of the Bushs and Kennedys and the like going to war went out with the Gulf of Tonkin resolution. Go to college, you wont be missing a thing. I don't regret my service. It was the best thing for me at the time but the country has changed the way we allow our troops to be used. Don't die, fight or kill for the new world order. The rich get richer for every one of us that dies. I'm not talking class warfare/envy. I'm talking about everyone sharing the load and the fruits of the labor
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 6:28:03 PM EST
Originally Posted By JBR: What do you all mean by "open contract?"
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In Marine Corps terms it usualy means you will be a Grunt or a truck driver.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 6:30:05 PM EST
Go for it. Tell your recruiter that you want to be a mortarman in the infantry.
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 7:44:13 PM EST
If I had the chance to make another decision I would have made the same one. I joined the army the October after I graduated HS then served with the 2nd Ranger Bat. If you want to do all that cool stuff the army can give you ranger training in your contract as long as you pass.(don't let recruiters tell you diffrent either) You go through basic, infantry, airborne then RIP. (ranger indoctrination program) In RIP you are broken up into diffrent platoons of where YOU want to be stationed (3 choices). As long as you pass the training you go to a ranger battalion. If you fail airborne, most of them went to mountain division. If you fail RIP you will probally go to 82nd Airborne. Good luck to whatever you decide. If you do decide to join any military branch, start practicing running now!
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 7:50:40 PM EST
O.K. JBR, Here are my thoughts with a little perspective (I'm 63). I joined the Corps at age 17 right after high school. I wanted to get away from what I thought was a bad home situation. I was a pretty smart kid but not really ready for college. Also, I could't afford to! It was a different era; we had a draft and an 8 year military obligation at that time. Looking back, it was probably one of the defining decisions of my life. After boot camp I wanted to get into intelligence, but was recommended for aviation electronics. Guess what happened? The "needs of the Corps" came first, so after some basic infantry training at Camp Pendleton and some cold-weather survival training at Pickle Meadows in the high Sierras, they sent me to the 9th Marines on "the rock" (Okinawa) to learn how to be a rifleman and gave me a BAR (that's Browning Automatic Rifle for the uninitiated). I learned all kinds of neat things like climbing down cargo nets, jumping out of choppers, 30 mile forced marches (we were called the 2nd Battalion roadrunners), and how to deal with people from all different backrounds. I also learned how to put 10 out of 10 rounds in a 20" bull at 500 yards with an off the rack Garand M1 with open sights. After a brief stint in Japan, I returned to the states. Later I turned 21, made sergeant, and got married all within 60 days. But I still didn't learn a "job skill." However,I did learn a few other valuable things like honor, duty, discipline and leadership. After 6 years of active duty, I got out, got a job, went to college at night, graduated with honors, and proceeded with my life. I'm still married to my first wife, have two married chidren and six grandkids. I have a comfortable six figure income, a seven figure net worth and a lot of good memories. One thing I learned after my time in the Corps was that there wasn't anything that they could throw at me in civilian life that was too difficult to handle. Go for it son, and good luck!
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 8:12:22 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/11/2001 8:22:26 PM EST by phrigid]
I basically have the same story as Busmaster, but I'm glad I didn't join then. Why? Because I had a Jarhead recruiter trying to push me into a BS MOS that I truly had no interest in. But at the same time, for Busmaster it would have been the best thing. Different strokes for different folks, and hindsight is always20/20. I still say give it a year or two after you graduate to experience life a little and decide what you really want to do. By the way, is a Bush Hamster anything like an Ass Gerbil? Ask Cindy Crawford, she might know!
Link Posted: 6/11/2001 8:33:52 PM EST
JBR, Before you sign ANYTHING, go to all,ALL, of the different recruiters. Talk to each one and find out what the offers are. Get the ASVAB study guide, read it, and get the best score you can. This will give you more options. Don't believe anything 'till it is in writing. Even your contract. If you are supposed to get any bonus, or special assignment, it will be in your contract. Maggot, the Ranger (Victor) contract has changed, so has the RIP process. JBR, don't sell yourself short. If the Marine Corps is where you are headed, then get it in your head now that you are doing one of the most difficult things that you could possibly do. Check around, get your best deal. Good luck! Lew
Link Posted: 6/12/2001 3:25:02 AM EST
Tippie, what is the new process? I'm very curious to know.
Link Posted: 6/12/2001 3:28:38 AM EST
Join the Marines. INSIST on infantry (rifleman or machinegunner, 0311 or 0331) Do it.
Link Posted: 6/12/2001 4:13:34 AM EST
JBR is getting a lot of bad advice here from what appear to be a bunch of non-hackers. Screw "learning a trade" or "saving for college." And I can't believe people are telling him not to enlist because he might have to "sleep in the dirt" or sweat a little. What's wrong with you guys? Of course it's hard. That's why it's the Marines and not the Air Force. Ditto what Major Murphy said. Don't let the recruiter talk you into anything but infantry or for the rest of your life you will either regret it or make up stories about being a grunt. JBR, you are young. Four years is nothing. You will have plenty of time for a career, marriage, or whatever else you plan on doing.
Link Posted: 6/12/2001 5:25:45 AM EST
Don't settle for anything less than the USMC- even the USMC Reserves- you'll never regret it. Fortunately, you're still young, and have 3 or 4 years to think about it. Find out what Marine Reserve Units are within 3 hours of your house. Visit the units, find out what MOS's are needed there. Every Reserve Unit I have seen has an armormy, so talk to the armorer(s) while you are there. I believe armorer school is pretty long, but at least in the Reserves you can pick your MOS and your job. The money won't be much (about $263 per month for the GI Bill, and around $150/month regular pay. The extra money can be good for putting yourself through college. Stay away from boring MOS's like Motor-Transport or Admin/Supply bitch. Also, keep in mind that much could change in the next 3 years or so. Now that we have a real President/Commander in Chief again, America's armed forces will (hopefully) become refocused upon fighting and winning wars. I see the military getting better by the time you are ready to enter. Good luck and keep us posted.
Link Posted: 6/12/2001 6:10:26 AM EST
Originally Posted By Gus Laskaris: Ditto what Major Murphy said. Don't let the recruiter talk you into anything but infantry or for the rest of your life you will either regret it or make up stories about being a grunt. I don't regret being in the wing. I don't make up stories about being a Grunt. I had by USMC standards first class liberty. Great living conditions and generaly a hell of a good time. But knowing what I know now I'm not so sure I would do it again.
Link Posted: 6/12/2001 6:12:38 AM EST
If had had to do it all over again id say college but somebody has to defend this country...besides id a missed out on a lot of fun in KOREA if i never joined.
Link Posted: 6/12/2001 6:23:07 AM EST
Don't join the military if you can get yourself a good job elsewhere. If you join, you'll probably end up in Bosnia or some other shit hole babysitting pimps and drug dealers. A couple guys I know were excited about joining and then got out as soon as they could because of the above.
Link Posted: 6/12/2001 6:33:49 AM EST
May I suggest viewing that video from a couple of days ago where that Ruskie is getting his head knifed off by that Chechen rebel. Uh, no thanks to combat for me. (it's in the general discussion group from about last thursday.) That's combat.
Link Posted: 6/12/2001 6:36:05 AM EST
BTW, if you gotta go in, dont be a sissy, join the sub service.
Link Posted: 6/12/2001 7:59:59 AM EST
Hey JBR, If I were you go to college first and join ROTC. Then when you join the service your quality of life in the service will be better. Remember uncle sam owns you 24/7. If you want to take a sh*t you better tell someone. If you really want to go to combat think about riding instead of humping? A field artillery officer once told me why walk into combat when you can ride! BUT if you have to join out of HS get everything in writing. Basic is all a mind game. Its to prepare you for actual combat. You will be doing a lot of stupid f*cking things that make no sense. But in the end it does have a purpose. As other people has posted if you screw up in the military it will come to bite you in the a**. If you are thinking about making the military a career choose a branch a service that will give you the most opportunities for advancement. Ex. the Marines will have a certain number of slots for E-7, E-8, and E-9. However, the Army or Air Force would have more slots because they are bigger. Just my .02. Good Luck.
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