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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/13/2001 6:20:21 AM EST
Folks, I live in the wonderful land of Maryland. Where we are only allowed to: 1) Buy handguns that are on the "authorized" MD State Police list 2) Buy new handguns that contain a cartridge case for the new MD cartridge case law. Or pay to have a non-cartridge case handgun shoot, and the have the collected cartridge sent to the MD state police. 3) In 2003... all new handguns sold in MD must have a "built-in" locking system. I belive that by 2003 there will be a very limited number and types of handguns available for MD residents to buy new. SOOOOOO, I decided it was time to start working on putting together a nice collection of handguns before the year 2003 for myself and the family. I just received my MD collector designation, which allows me to buy as many handguns and MD paper work firearms without having to wait 30 days between purchases (another MD regulation). I would like your opinions as to what I should get to have well rounded handgun collection. Note that handguns would be for myself, wife, 12 year old boy, and a future shooter (a 18 month old girl). I would like a collection that can be used for: training (kids), plinking/target shooting, self/home defense, and historical significance. Please prioritize your recommendations, since money is still a limiting factor. Below is a list I have put together (no order of priority, and no political correctness considered). Single Action Revolvers: Ruger Stainless Single Six Convertible (5 1/2 or 6 1/2 inch barrel). I like the idea of being able to shoot 22 short, 22 long, 22 long rifle, and 22 mag from one gun. I think this would be great to train my kids with, and for general plinking. A fun gun for the family. Ruger Blackhawk Convertible in 38 spec, 357 mag, and 9mm with a 6 1/2" barrel. Again a gun that shoots more than one type of caliber, I especially like the capability to shoot 9mm ammo. Since this would give one a way to shoot 9mm ammo a pistol may not like. It also has a "historical" link (old west look). I have also considered the Blackhawk 45 long Colt/45 ACP Convertible, for the same reasons. Double Action Revolvers: I think a good double action 357 mag revolver is a must, it offers highpower self/home defense in a simple to use package. I been looking at 6" barreled S&W 686 or Colt Python in 357 mag. Pistols: Another must I believe is a 22cal Pistol, again for training and plinking/target shooting. I have been looking at Ruger MK-II Gov't Slab side or a Beretta 87 target. Any opinions of the Beretta? Compact/Meduim Frame: 9mm, 40cal, or 45? This would be for the wife (mainly) and I to use for general shooting and self/home defense. There are alot of choices in this category. We both do not like Glock's, and HK's do not feel comfortable in my hand. Been looking at Sig P229, Kimber CDP Pro/Compact line, any other recommendations? Large Frame: I already have a Beretta Elite in 9mm, and am looking for another gun mainly for me to shoot. Been looking at a Sig P226 in 40, a Sig 220 in 45, and 1911 style. Base on the responses to my prior post, the Sig P226 in 40 is out... now considering the Sig P226 in 9mm or P220 in 45cal. I believe the 1911 Style is must have... historical, large caliber, has many options/styles. I have been looking at Kimbers. So what are your opinions/recommendations? Thanks, Landwarrior...
Link Posted: 7/13/2001 9:08:03 AM EST
[b]I just received my MD collector designation[/b] Where do you have to apply to get one of these? I hope you know that a C&R can not receive handguns or other regulated weapons thru the mail in MD. Some companies dont bother to check that little part of state law. Kharn
Link Posted: 7/13/2001 9:46:25 AM EST
You should be able to pick up an application for the collector's designation from your local gunshop. Fill it out and mail it in to the state police. It takes 2-3 weeks for them to send your approval letter. This designation is one of the better kept secrets in Maryland. It allows the purchase of multiple regulated weapons without having to put up with the 30 day waiting period. And it applies to all weapons, not just Curios and Relics. Regarding the C & R license, I didn't know that about not being able to receive C & R handguns through the mail in Maryland. Are you sure that applies to those on the C & R list?
Link Posted: 7/13/2001 9:53:46 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/13/2001 9:52:06 AM EST by ECS]
Ruger single action in 45 Colt. Its an historical cartridge, fun to shoot, and in a full bore loading has pretty impressive ballistics... just a suggestion.. Added... Of course if you want to get this in a Colt firearm thats OK too, just kinda expensive.
Link Posted: 7/13/2001 10:45:52 AM EST
Any Sig is worth getting. My 226 (which was used and a little beat up by the time I got it) has been absolutely 100.000000% reliable through probably 2-3k rounds. The Ruger Mark II is an excellent gun, too. Great for introducing first time shooters to a semiauto. Any other gun that has any sort of personal, historic, or uniqueness appeal. Especially if it's just plain cool. Get it while you can.
Link Posted: 7/13/2001 12:00:07 PM EST
Warrior.....sounds to me like you have things pretty much organized....I`ll only add this....i do not have a single six, but i know a lot of people who do, and they love them....all you really need for 22 plinkin` and yes, it is nice to shoot magnums sometimes. Here`s what i DO have....markII 4" bull...i would maybe rather have the guv model or slab..and would recommend...but this one is GREAT....both, the 357 and 45 convertible blackhawks.....i would never part with either....for the reasons you said...the 45 is the short bbl, and i like it that way....you need a good dbl revolver for shoot/carry...either one you cite is fine...pythons are expensive, rightly so...if you need a python, get both so you can USE the smith and preserve the colt....here are a few more to consider....j frame smith..carry...gp100..3"bbl blue...shoot/carry....cz for 9mm pistols....you MUST have a 45...kimber is it right now for 1911 types....sig always good....springfield ok...nice thing is if you get a lot of acp ammo, you can use it in the convertible too!...any good used smith that you can shoot the hell out of..there`s a lot of good used ones around.....i`ll get flamed for this one, but look at the p-93 rugers for a cheap reliable 9 pistol...good luck....B&G
Link Posted: 7/13/2001 1:27:36 PM EST
Maryland truly does suck.
Link Posted: 7/13/2001 6:47:55 PM EST
Kharn, Can you please explain your comment: "I hope you know that a C&R can not receive handguns or other regulated weapons thru the mail in MD. Some companies dont bother to check that little part of state law." Since my gun dealer did not have the MD collectors designation form, I called the MD State Police (firearms licensing dept) and was told what was required. I typed up a letter on my PC (actually a form with the information the State Police said was needed) got it notarized (sp?), and mailed it to them. About 3-4 weeks later I received a letter stating that I was approved as a MD Collector. If you want I can email you the letter/form... it is very simple to fillout. With the designation as a MD collector you can buy as many regulated firearms as you want without the 30 day wait peroid between each purchase. But you still have to wait the 7-8 days after the purchase for the background check, before you can actually take delivery of the firearm. Amigo, Just in case you did not read my other post... thanks for the offer to shoot your P220, I will keep it in mind. Also, if Forest does an AR Shoot this fall I might attend. Thanks, Landwarrior...
Link Posted: 7/14/2001 2:19:41 AM EST
Cwalker3: MD does not allow C&Rs to receive handguns, they have to go thru a regulated weapons dealer. Century arms has been ignoring this law for a while (I forget if they stopped doing this), and could get MD C&Rs in a lot of trouble.
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