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Posted: 11/4/2009 3:56:32 PM EST
I posted this in this thread: gay Marriage Vote in Maine
But decided it might warrant it's own thread-
Shovelhead, I may be wrong, but what I see is you saying that everyone who disagrees with you is wrong. That's one method, I suppose. I guess if you disagree with a minority view you are a bigot, racist, radical, or whatever. The fact is the people demanded a chance to decide this instead of having it legislated. So it was put up for a vote. Everyone in Maine (and the other states where this came up) had a chance to vote. They had a chance to campaign for their views, speak their piece, etc... The people heard both sides of the issue, and voted for what they believed in. How they felt about the issue. The majority said they didn't want this to become law. Everyone had a chance to vote, this wasn't done in the dead of night with no one knowing about it. It wasn't a power group of radicals dictating it to the masses. This was the voice of the people. This is the whole point behind democracy, and civilization. To dictate it from the government, fight this out in court (or in any other way) and win what you want over the will of the people is wrong, so long as you desire to remain a part of the society.
The gay minority will have to accept this decision, and work to change the minds of free people to believe in their cause through civil discourse. Ultimately, they will have to accept the will of society. In a war of attrition they will lose, as they do not normally reproduce and raise children to support their beliefs. Just because they march, demonstrate, kick, cry, and scream does not mean they have gay "rights" that apply only to them. I am honestly curious to your (and others) opinions to what I have written here.

Now, if you asked me on the street, as an individual, what I think-
Homosexuals are disgusting. I find the thought of two guys banging each other nauseating. I've never been turned on by lesbian porn, though I admit it doesn't disgust me as much as two dudes going at it. The word "gay" produces an automatic reaction in my mind that is definitely not a positive one. The fact that the gay agenda is pushed through the media via TV shows, etc... only serves to harden my views. Once, while watching TV, my wife flipped onto an episode of "six feet under" on HBO where two guys were in passionate kissing etc... obviously in a sexual encounter sort of way. My children were in the room... I was fucking pissed, to say the least. So pissed I cancelled HBO and the other "premium" channels allowed to show this garbage. I can also say that this "gay" agenda pushing is one of the reasons my children are home-schooled. I will teach my children right from wrong according to my own beliefs, not yours. How you teach your children is your business.
Now to all who equate the gun rights crowd to the gay rights crowd, here are my thoughts:
If the majority of voters decide to outlaw guns, I will have to decide if I will quietly give in and surrender my guns, or if I will become an outlaw. As an outlaw, I will have no rights if I go against the will of society. It will not mean I have closet “gun rights”, or that I will be protected as a minority. It will mean I am an outlaw and will have to man up if I am caught. I seriously doubt the state will decide to just not recognize my “outlaw-ness”, as having guns will be seen as a threat to society. And they won’t care that I saw homosexuality as a threat to society- simply because I was an outlaw.
How is that argument the same?
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