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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/20/2002 11:55:33 PM EST
I used to collect US militaria, and in the 80 I had EVERYTHING concerning Vietnam era: jungle fatigues, M1956 gear, M1 steel helmet with leaf pattern cover, even the M1956 flakjacket and a tiger stripe fatigue (original!). For duty when I was in the paratroops, I had the ALICE gear (much more confortable of the g.i. british pattern 1937 that the army magazine issued). Now I want to understand something, with the recent fast changements that are happening in the US Army/USMC: -Is still woodland fatigues (BDU) in use or they have been replaced with something else? -in the pictures I have (Osprey books) of US troops during Desert Storm, DBD was issued with 6 colours camouflage pattern. Now in Afghanistan I saw something else. DBD has been changed for all or there is a mixture of DBD camouflages? About weapons: I saw in this site pics of 10th Mountain Div., 101st Div. in Afghanistan, and all the men seems to carry the M4A1. M4 is replacing all the M16A2 or they are issued only to special unit inside a division and M16A2 is still the main assault rifle for US military? Thanks. (Btw, if in action, I'd prefer the M16A2 if with regular unit, if in a reconeissance unit an M4/CAR15)
Link Posted: 3/21/2002 1:00:09 AM EST
Woodland fatigues are still the standard uniform for the army (although I missed the OG107 jungle fatigues when they became unauthorized!) The 6-color desert BDUs were replaced by a 3-color pattern that supposedly worked better. The 6-colors were too "busy" and I've read that they were actually designed from the rocky American high desert. I've seen a lot of M4s issued, as well, and it may be that light infantry are using them as individual weapons. I too would prefer an M16A2 over the M4, but more for the fixed buttstock than the longer barrel. An M4 w/A2 buttstock would be OK to me.
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