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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/13/2002 5:48:40 AM EST
I thought this was a good article in the local paper. [url]http://www.al.com/news/mobileregister/index.ssf?/xml/story.ssf/html_standard.xsl?/base/news/10109169323005752.xml[/url] Though my Grandfather never was a POW he despised the Japanese until the day he died. He always said it would be a cold day in hell before you would see a Toyota in his driveway. Reading this article and accounts like it makes you understand how and why he felt the way he did.
Link Posted: 1/13/2002 6:09:25 AM EST
My father was in the Philippines when the 'Bataan Death Camps' were captured and the POWs rescued from their Japanese captors. My father said the POWs were so malnourished that you could carry out [u]two[/u] US soldiers at a time to the waiting trucks, [u]three[/u], if they were dead! In the hills surrounding the camps, they could hear intermittant rifle fire of the Filipino guerillas. Later, the guerillas would come to the camps with the heads of Japanese prison guards who had fled, on a vine rope: 'See, GIs, we kill these bad men for you' they would say. My father said the Filipinos were given thanks, cigarettes, and more ammo. BTW, the death rate of all Allied prisoners in Japanese prisoner of war camps was an incredible 37%! At Nazi p.o.w. camps, it was less than 2%! Eric The(IRememberItAsIfFromYesterday)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 1/13/2002 3:17:20 PM EST
But don’t we dare insult the Poor Misguided Japanese and call them “Japs” just because they acted like savages and tortured and murdered American Soldiers, we should never call them “Japs” that is insulting to a minority. And if someone who lost a family member to these nice Japanese soldiers calls them “Japs”, he will be threatened with being banned from this wonderful AR-15 site. Compassion for all minorities but absolutely no compassion for real Americans who have lost a loved one. And not one nice word for the person who lost his family member to the Japanese atrocities. Also do not call any of these nice people who murdered the people in the WTC “Ragheads” or “Towelhead” since it is not nice to insult people and that will not be tolerated on this site. And you will be banned if you are this insensitive again. Since I have told the truth this may be my last post before my account is locked as Sniper 762x51. I have been holding this inside me for a while now and what the heck now is as good a time as any to let it all out. VINCE AUT MORIRE (Conquer or Die)
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