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Posted: 9/6/2005 10:32:33 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/6/2005 10:33:51 AM EDT by ProfessorEvil]
"There will be those who will try to politicize this tragedy and try to use it against you." - MM->GWB

No shit? His lovely spoutings about choppers and men rings hollow in the face of his above statement. It would be humorous to see him and Lt. Gen. Honore in a debate, one where MM does not control the cameras or editing gear to boot. He'd be shown for the complete airbag he is for a change. He's pulled himself up on the bootstraps of other people's tragedy. And for that, he is not worthy of your respect. He will play the comforting documenter, while it's convenient for his aspirations, and wander off to his next plot.

The condescending and childish tone of his "open letter" isn't something any self-respecting person should be writing.
Someone told me saturday that "He's trying to make GWB look a fool" (or something to that effect). Indeed. He's showing what he's made of more than making GWB looking bad...at least to those who can think critically on their own.

Let's review the rest of his whiny diatribe about his misguided thoughts on the New Orleans disaster for anythings I missed the other day.

Helicopters. First off, not all military choppers are set up for S&R operations. Not all of them can be or should. Not all chopper crews are trained for that duty, either. And considering the terrain they have to navigate right now (power lines and telephone wires in high wind, while maintaining hover patterns, oh my) this isn't duty for an inexperienced chopper crew to take on...unless you want to kill more people needlessly. Which, at this point, wouldn't shock me as one of MM's goals.

Secondly, providing air cover is more than just throwing helicopters into the fray willynilly. That much air traffic needs someone to help coordinate it...like air traffic controllers. They were in place on the 1st. Oops. Second, there's a concept of limited air space. That is, there's only so many aircraft that can be put into a confined area before problems will occur. That point seems to have been reached, at least according to the Army, who may have a slightly better idea about what it means that Mikey.

Third, Helicopters require significant ongoing maintenance. Moving a helicopter from its regular base of operations to a forward airspace for any extended time means having supplies and gear on hand for said chopper to keep operating. You know...fuel, engineers and maintenance work. That sort of thing. Taking a chopper into flight after it's been running in adverse conditions for the last 3 or 4 days without getting it inspected isn't something the FAA would let happen. The Army can certainly go with their own emergency regulations of course, but there comes a time when even they won't say "Go for it" anymore. Moving that kind of equipment and supply also isn't an overnight trip, either...unless Mikey believes (see previous blog) that we're hiding teleporters somewhere.

Soldiers. This was addressed in my previous blog but I'll add some updates in here for the benefit of those who may have not read it. There's 50,000 Soldiers in and around New Orleans right now. 50,000. Fifty-thousand. That's good sized town's worth of soldiers. Over half of those were there last week when I updated about this last.

Moore's belief on what happened versus reality is suspect, too. Sitting through a category 1 hurricane in Florida isn't a garuantee of a class 4 or 5 hitting New Orleans. At least not to someone who isn't trying to play up false information for some reason. Friday, midday, the Weather Service reported that they felt Katrina would impact N.O., and it might be a cat. 4 hurricane when it did. Friday. Not Thursday. The weatherman said it might be on its way to N.O. Hurricanes behavior is predicted on the basis of probable direction--an arc of space where we think it may go. It may go to Mexico. It may go to New Orleans. It may go to Alabama. But without a time machine (probably right next to the teleporter, I'm sure), it wouldn't be feasible to say "Katrina will hit New Orleans on Monday, causing untold damage." with any level of veracity.

Mikey's insinuation that Bush somehow was the one who is to blame for the lack of budget for the ACE's levee projects has been previously addressed. Every sitting president in the last twenty five years did the same thing. A red herring. They must be tasty, he seems to enjoy those.

He then uses more space to try and laugh off any contradiction to his piece of sleaze he's published. The Iraq, Sheehan and Global warming jabs are more distractions from issues of real substance. Why are they here? To make Mike look like he's somehow an all knowing anti-Bush. One of the best is the race card he tries to play. Hey, wow, that's a pile of steaming bullshit, Mike. You of all people should know that the second a pretty young white girl goes missing it's national news, but heaven forbid you try and get a black woman's kidnapping publicized. That's a subtext to local news.

The last thing that needs to be said is this. The media reports what's salacious and emotionally driven in order to sell advertising space. Their reporting is based on finding the most blatant piece of sleaze they can get away with and broadcasting it. And occasionally mixing in a human interest story that pulls your heartstrings, to reassure that they aren't only reporting bad or misguided info. A couple of reporters got their asses handed to them, and rightly so in a press conference the other day. The first reporter asked about the "lack of communication and organization" (para.) among the groups in place that the reporter had heard about from a congressman. Gen. Honore, in a refreshing display of honesty, said "That's BS." He then took the time to explain why, and why such questions weren't really helpful. After he was done, another reporter then asked "What about the safety and security in New Orleans right now?" Oops. Honore asked if she'd been into N.O. recently. Indicating she had, Honore then asked if she'd been accosted or had any problems. When she said no, she was asked what the point of her question really was.

Michael Moore isn't an idiot. Had he taken any time at all to consider the reality of what he wrote, it should have become clear that he was just posting a bunch of babble. He's demonstrated some cognizant ability, combined with a loud, self-serving mouth. This letter just simply reinforces the fact that he would rather be a self-serving, self-aggrandizing pile of shit than a helpful human being, interested in the commong good.
So, what was the real point of Mikey's letter?
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 7:21:07 PM EDT
Well said.
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