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Posted: 9/9/2004 10:09:08 PM EDT
I went to a new doc today, he is hoping to cure a few allergies for me. We got around to my part time job in the guard and he turns out to be a USN doc from 1969-71 in the same AOR as our favorite "HERO".

Here are a few things he mentioned in no particular order.

A. In 14 months in the area, working on swift boat guys and anyone else in need he never recalled anyone getting a Purple Heart for an injury that did not require hospitalization. He felt this was "beyond unusual".

B. He said the big boats Kerry "volunteered" for were well known as a screw off job patrolling off the coast in no danger from anything but boredom, he is not suprised that Kerry ran for it when they went in-shore. He said the small boat guys who were in the rivers were getting pounded and it was dangerous as hell.

C. He mentioned that he saw many guys who had been evac'd to the west coast used to return to finish their tours after they recovered, especially swiftboat guys. The idea that a guy would run for it in 4 months was "odd as hell".

D. He was not aware you could get a free pass home after three Purple Hearts, he had never heard that until the John Kerry crap started. He said, "normally it is impossible to get any Purple Hearts without serious injury much less three."

He is a nice guy, I have a pretty good idea he is not voting democrat.
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