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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/30/2001 5:09:52 PM EST
A single female co-worker (yes, the one I am going to teach to shoot) ask me recently if more women hit on you once you are married? I don't flatter myself by thinking I am more attractive than I really am, but on reflecting on her question, I believe it is true that women "hit" on you more once you are married. I think it occurs for a three reasons: 1. The girls can flirt with you because you are "safe". They can flirt with you without anything serious coming of it. If one of them flirted with some of our single members, I think I could name a few who would trip them and beat them to the gound thinking it was an open invitation. 2. You are a "challenge". You are the freshly killed meat that they want to try to take from the other lioness. I think this reaction is actually rare, but does occur on occasion. 3. You are much more relaxed and confident when you talk to them, and they find that interesting. Being married, you don't have to worry about the raging hormones and sex drive (the marriage pretty much killed all that off), and you can talk to them as a co-worker/casual friend rather than as a potential conquest. I know several single guys, and they generally fall into two classes--terribly shy around girls and "Mr. Slick" who put on a great show (my female friends tell me that they get a great laugh when they get together with their female friends to talk about "Slick"). The only guys that talk to females as equals are gay or married. So, what do you think--to women "hit" or "flirt" more with you now that you are married or not?
Link Posted: 9/30/2001 5:12:11 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/30/2001 5:14:26 PM EST
Without a doubt! The women know you've been fooled once, if they play their cards right, you can be fooled again! Eric The(DidISayThat?I'mComingDear!)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 9/30/2001 5:17:33 PM EST
Yes. based on being married now, I get hit on a lot more in everyday life, even at work. In fact, in the service we had cheap 'bands' we would wear to the bar on deployments in the states, it made it much easier to score. I had no idea that bar logic would translate to real life, but it does.
Link Posted: 9/30/2001 5:19:18 PM EST
Well crap, maybe I should start wearing a fake wedding band. [;D]
Link Posted: 9/30/2001 5:31:07 PM EST
I've been hanging around the wrong single girls.
Link Posted: 9/30/2001 5:34:40 PM EST
Ditto the all the above...!
Link Posted: 9/30/2001 5:36:44 PM EST
Usualy another female will wonder whats up with the dude if another female has planted a flag. Just like a dog marking it`s AO.[;)]
Link Posted: 9/30/2001 5:38:42 PM EST
Other than the fact I am not gonna screw around, the women who hit on you when you are married tend to be the single moms and the divorced. I have had the picture taken many times, and the straightleg bend over for files, and the throaty "Hiiiiiiiiiii, what are you oh...I am going to maybe I'll see you there" (a big silent--no, you won't). It is from women who I might nail short term if I was single, but would never consider for a relationship even if single. Why didn't I get this when I was single??? It is at least once per week, and I could have been a happy forever single ;-)
Link Posted: 9/30/2001 5:41:33 PM EST
yes if you are married then you areok, they want you because you have a 'seal of approval', but you are Christians and can only have one wife, I follow the law of the patriarchs, I can have as many as I can stand...give her my email,
Link Posted: 9/30/2001 5:48:55 PM EST
Post from TheWind -
I follow the law of the patriarchs
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Yeah, it always bothered me a tad that the Lord blessed David's dalliance with Bathsheba by giving them as a son, Solomon! BTW, do you think Solomon 'made' it into Heaven or not? What's your take on that? Eric The(IMean,Molech!HowCouldHeHavePermittedThat?­)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 9/30/2001 6:11:55 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/30/2001 6:15:48 PM EST by RayVet]
Women of different ages and different marital status, hit on different men for different reasons. While in may 20's and early 30's, women 5 to 15 years older, were all over me. Lucky me.. These women,attached or otherwise, seemed to want recognition and confirmation that hey were still sexually attractive to a "young stud" I really didn't have to court them much...no games or lies, just good times. They still looked good AND they didn't need much training. From my mid 30's (when I got married) and to this day...young chicks seem to be around. I guess they like the maturity, the confidence and perhaps the challenge of hooking up with a successful, married guy. They can be DANGEROUS, and make your life miserable, if they perceive the relationship as more than it is (and they usually do). One thing to consider, the SAFEST and least problematical of relationships (I have been stalked, threatened, blackmailed and dragged through hell and back, by scorned women)are astute women who have too much to loose if they get too serious about you, because they are attached/married to a guy who is loaded, or otherwise has given her a lifestyle that's just too hard to give up. There is an old movie from the '60's called The Guide For the Married Man" some good, practical info...
Link Posted: 10/1/2001 3:17:58 AM EST
Yes to all of the above. when I was younger and single, I had to work harder to get anywhere. Now, older and married with children, all I have to do is to pick the fruit off the tree. At my wedding banquet, a girl-friend of my freshly wedded wife said to me during a dance that she had wished to know me earlier. WTF?
Link Posted: 10/1/2001 3:27:05 AM EST
Originally Posted By AFARR: Being married, you don't have to worry about the raging hormones and sex drive (the marriage pretty much killed all that off)
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Preach it! [>(]
Link Posted: 10/1/2001 3:48:03 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/1/2001 3:57:03 AM EST
I was married and didn't get laid. Single again, still don't get laid. This sucks.
Link Posted: 10/1/2001 4:14:16 AM EST
The world is filled to overflowing with desperately lonely forty-something women, either divorced or wishing they were divorced. Typically, they wait until their kids finally leave the nest, then they dump the husbands they've been resenting for years. They hit the dating scene, discover that they aren't as competitive as they once were, and their attitudes change dramatically. (My plan is to play the field until I'm 60, then pick out the best-looking forty-five-year-old and tell her where she can put her stuff and what time dinner will be....)
Link Posted: 10/1/2001 4:15:03 AM EST
From Eric the Hun 'Yeah, it always bothered me a tad that the Lord blessed David's dalliance with Bathsheba by giving them as a son, Solomon' Yes it does bother me also. According the law, LOL, I have seen heated arguments overr this in T*r*h class, if you are married and she is single it is ok. The commandment is 'Thou shall not covet thy neighbors wife' a single woman that consents is ok...BTW my wife does not believe this, so it is moot for me. David was not as moral by our standards, but for the time he was very upright. He did obey G*d, that is the big point. BTW, do you think Solomon 'made' it into Heaven or not? What's your take on that? As a Jew, we have no 'Hell' per say, partof the covenant with G*d is that we will always be forgiven. 'Hell' is a Christian dogma. Soloman did what G*d asked so he gets to go to be with G*d.
Link Posted: 10/1/2001 4:17:16 AM EST
Yes...you are absolutely right. Women do flirt more when you are married...and for the exact reasons given. And doesn't it just make your teeth hurt? GRRRRRRR. [pissed]
Link Posted: 10/1/2001 4:22:58 AM EST
Any guy knows, when you have a woman, you are one confident dood, you seem to have the world wrapped up, many other women seems to look at you differently (and i dont mean married guys, just guys with gals), then you end up thinking you can ditch the current girlfriend to 'play' with all the new opportunities you 'seem' to have... in the end, you lose yer girl, and all those options seem to have dissapeared. then you are in a slump for another 6 months... personally, i believe that a woman tends to stay with a man (whether she REALLY love shim or not) during holiday seasons... they want stability during all those holiday parties and family gatherings... hence I have better luck finding a NEW girl during month that have the less holidays, because women are more apt to ditch the guy she's currently seeing. as for flirting, girls think it fdunny to flirt because they think you are flirting back, where in reality we see it as an opoortunity... for something extra... not me personally, though, ehhh hemm
Link Posted: 10/1/2001 4:30:30 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/1/2001 4:39:53 AM EST
I do the food shopping, while the wife was on maternity leave she and our daughter went with us, all the women there, stopped and wanted to see the baby, I got the 'are you flirting look', nope, I treat women like they are people, I always wear my wedding ring. My best friend is a woman, she is our daughter's G*dmother. Most women think of men as we appear on 'the man show', just like we gloat over a buddy's new truck or gun, they figure we are something special.
Link Posted: 10/1/2001 4:43:29 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/1/2001 5:20:32 AM EST
Yes they did .. which is why I am now divorced.. go figure [smoke] Ropes
Link Posted: 10/1/2001 6:08:36 AM EST
ALOT more now that I'm married, even when the wife is at my side. Some chicks are def. balsy! idaho-ar15
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