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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/29/2001 7:31:35 AM EST
I was always raised to observe that when someone mistreats another person or you, or an animal for that matter that you are not special. Sooner or later that person will get around or try to get around to harming you,and if not you should be on guard be cause they have shown their propensity for doing no good. We are all bent up about th so called abuses of the FBi. Some are all pissed about David Koresh, and Randy Weaver, and i get the feeling that more of you supported T. McVeigh blowing up the Murrah building and anything that is to bring the gov. to its knees. But where was this outrage when J. Edgar hoover abused his power because he had a well known hatred for black people. And because he was a fag too, and hey i guess he figured if he could lock up a bunch of blacks they wouldn't come after his immoral lifestyle. I mean all of the wiretapping and operations specifically to undermine the movement for equallity (COINTELPRO is one that we know of)I guess that a lot of people figured that would only happen to THEM. But where were the militia types then? Hmm? Where were the militia types when blacks in L.A. were FED up to here with all of the mass roundups of young black Gangmembers that Then Police Chief D. Gates orchestrated in which they claim to arrest Thousands of gangmembers and years later we come to find out that the folks they round up, maybe 1 percent of them were gangmembers. Where were the bombmakers then. Where was the Bomb when that 13 year old black girl was shot in the back of the head by the Korean Store owner ( caught on videotape) and the murdering cunt got no time? Over a bottle of orange juice that was left in her store. ( I saw that one. Where was the Bomb when Rodney King got the living shit beat out of his ass by a bunch of chicken assed pigs and one cochino? Whee was the fucking ooutrage. I know where it was . A lot of people said that it was 'those people' and it couldn't happen to them, or thought they deserved it. I am just so pissed off because i see all of and hear all of these government haters that want to go around blowing shit up, but where were they when the shit STARTED hitting the fan? If people would have been in tune with what the people wer sayng about the Government, you might not be so fucking suprised about shit. Because folks were doing plenty of bitching. And I laugh at these same losers( because) that is what they really are these are the same guys that hate affirmative action and civil rights, the fact that they are bitchin about it says that a lot of the goals that a lot of blacks died for, they got demonstrating non-violently. Same goes for all of the environmental wackos that go around blowing shit up. The government has been kicking Americans in the ass, but now the chickens have come home to roost.
Link Posted: 6/29/2001 7:38:06 AM EST
Ah, the Machingtroll is back. Must be a slow day somewhere. Let's let this one die quietly?
Link Posted: 6/29/2001 7:39:00 AM EST
You are correct, and that is why I still have a problem with Rodney King's beating (yes, he was guilty), Timothy McVeigh's execution (where was the fair trial?), gun control that targets black areas, etc... If we don't stand up for the rights of the scumbags, who stands up for us when they call us a "scumbag"?
Link Posted: 6/29/2001 7:40:58 AM EST
Link Posted: 6/29/2001 7:42:09 AM EST
[Last Edit: 6/29/2001 7:42:38 AM EST by NSFJojo]
Look, can you edit your post and make sections, it's too confusing without them. Your gonna start a flame war on this one. Bombings? That's a death sentence from what I last saw. You wanna go out and build a bomb to get some korean grocery store clerk who shot a kid in the head? go for it, fuck you if you think I'm gonna do it. Blacks getting arrested? I think the community shoulda shown armed response to the travesties committed upon their rights. Oh wait, I forgot, these are the same people that call for gun control. apathetic little sheep. same could be said for alot of neighborhoods. You want change, tough guy, go build a bomb and blow up a korean grocery store, and see how many of the masses will just glorify your power. Or, see how Mcveigh was hung out and cut dry by the media and think twice before you go around spouting this stuff.. [):)] NSF edited because I had to space min out a little bit more. Oh yeh, I am against affirmative action. But I'm far from racist. Bet you don't belive that.
Link Posted: 6/29/2001 7:47:57 AM EST
First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out — because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the communists and I did not speak out — because I was not a communist. Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out — because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for me — and by then there was no one left to speak out for me. Pastor Martin Niemöller
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Was that what you were trying to say? If so, good point. I don't hate [i]the government[/i], I hate what some of the people in power are doing. That's the problem with government - it attracts the power-hungry. Hoover was a PERFECT example of this. The [i]system[/i] isn't at fault, [i]we[/i] are. The system works as long as we don't tolerate abuse of it. As Edmund Burke said, "All that is necessary for the forces of evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing." Most people are doing nothing. By the time they are willing, there won't be any support for them.
Link Posted: 6/29/2001 8:10:04 AM EST
Originally Posted By fight4yourrights: You are correct, and that is why I still have a problem with Rodney King's beating (yes, he was guilty), Timothy McVeigh's execution (where was the fair trial?), gun control that targets black areas, etc... If we don't stand up for the rights of the scumbags, who stands up for us when they call us a "scumbag"?
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the only bitch i have is they did not waste any time creamating T MCviegh its the thinking if they can quicky burn the trouble all of it will go away but hey wait one second. they burn, and destoyed him but the problem is still here! same thing with gun control you can banned all guns in the world but murdur will allways be here. the gonvernment don't really care they just want all the control and we have absolute none what so ever.
Link Posted: 6/29/2001 8:41:18 AM EST
Here's my take. Government is an abomination... a necessary abomination, unfortunately, for a cohesive modern society. But, you might say I 'hate' it, I suppose. It is nothing more than a group of people bestowed with power to enact laws, force you to follow them and then com eto your house with guns and take to away if you don't. PERIOD. No matter how you rationalize it, describe it or feel about it, that's what it is. And for that I 'hate' it. Sadly, any more more laws that are passed are for personal gain. And even if it is passed with good intent, the intent does not matter, it is still force. I am not some anarchist or revolutionary (not yet, anyhow) and i think the King event was horrible, the McVeigh situation was terrible anf the OKC, Waco and RR disasters are only I sign of how misguided our goverment is. BTW, I find it your point about the gang lockups, very good. However, you must note that most of us here are upset about the very measures being used to address a 'gang' problem and that is gun control. Another attempt by a goverment to use force on everyone for the intent of a 'greater' good regardless of how ineffective it is. Zaz "don't encroach on other persons or property & do all you have agreed to do..."
Link Posted: 6/29/2001 1:30:16 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/29/2001 2:55:02 PM EST
we teach our kids that discrimination is wrong, but if they oppose government enforced discrimination then they are racists. affirmitive action=affirmitive discrimination based on the color of one's skin. i dont hate government, i hate statist government. my government is actually pretty cool. better than yours [whacko] dont think i would stand up for the rights of bombers and murderer's free leonard peltier!!! semi-AIM supporting lib
Link Posted: 6/29/2001 3:02:07 PM EST
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