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Posted: 10/28/2004 9:43:30 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/28/2004 2:37:01 PM EDT by Sharkman_75]
I'm sitting at my desk this morning when one of my coworkers comes in and said that there are 4 police cruisers in our parking lot. The next thing I notice is several officers are walking out toward our docks. Upon their return, the girl that sits next to me looks out the window and gasps "oh my god, oh my god". I turn to look and they have this kid (early 20s) in handcuffs and his face is very bloodied. Now this happened about 9:30 and my computer shows it's 42ºF (right now, an hour later) and he was just wearing trousers and a wife-beater. The (second hand) story as I understand it is that he's stolen several cars at gunpoint this morning and fled the police by moving his chase to the water. Now I'm not clear on this part as I've heard two different stories, one that he crased one vehicle into the lake, and the other that he stole a boat. Perhaps both, I don't know.

I SOOOO wish they would change the firearms policy here! I sorta play by the rules (and that's as much as I'll say). Anyway, if you're in the greater seattle area, keep an eye on the news today. My (not-so-secret) place of employment will be revealed!

ETA: KIRO 7 news
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