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Posted: 3/21/2009 5:09:27 PM EDT
She's been sick for some time now, and he's asking that people (who wish to) would not only pray for her but also fill out an on-line greeting card.

Here's his post from the other board:

I've asked for prayers before,but they only take a few seconds.This will take a few minutes.

I've posted before,but my wife is disabled.We thought this might be the last Christmas we could be together with all the kids/grandkids/family in Florida.Diana(wife/mrs. cook)became ill and was hospitalized on 12-29-08...almost 1/4 of a year ago...no end in sight..stuck here in Fl....just sitting in the room waiting for any good news.

Realized thatnext week is our 25th anniversarary....I'm just happy to spend 1 more day with her.

Here is a link

that I hope it works.It will send a card to her room.

You will need her name

Diana Nay

room 4112

North campus(NCH NORTH)

You can use a stock photo-or add one of your own.She was quite the catfisher woman when she was able...and hopefully will be again.

I would really appreciate to flood her room with cards-feel free to post this on any other boards.

She is in an isolation room,so I can't bring in any flowers,gifts,etc.....but have plastered her walls with lots of pics of family.

I hate to beg,but am past the point of caring what anyone else thinks of me...I would just love to have her see that the world is full of compassionate people still.

I'm not asking for a bail-out or stimulus package,but if ya could just spend a minute or 2...and pass it on to any other boards you feel comfortable with.
Link Posted: 3/21/2009 6:24:54 PM EDT
prayers going up now and will daily...

and card on the way.
Link Posted: 3/21/2009 7:48:42 PM EDT
Thank you.
Link Posted: 3/22/2009 2:31:45 AM EDT
Done, and done.

Link Posted: 3/22/2009 5:29:50 PM EDT
more prayers going up.

and bump for others.
Link Posted: 3/22/2009 6:28:49 PM EDT
E-card sent!

Prayers being sent throughout the coming days and weeks.

Please keep us posted!

Link Posted: 3/27/2009 4:32:55 PM EDT
any updates?
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