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Posted: 10/28/2004 5:39:21 PM EDT
Number 506, the dedication of course to the US Army 506th Infantry Regiment (ex airborne infantry regiment, ex air assault)


They parachuted in to Normandy to free the world from a tyrant. They seized the high ground and critical points behind the beachheads.

They parachuted in to Eindhoven as part of Operation Market Garden.

They held the line at Bastogne in some of the most brutal conditions in American military history.

Oddly enough the were a training unit through the Korean conflict.

They went to Vietnam in 1967. Fighting in the Ashau valley and the famed battle for “Hamburger Hill.” They stayed in Vietnam until 1971.

In 1987 they were reactivated at Camp Greaves Korea, 2.5km south of the Demilitarized Zone where they where the furthest forward Infantry unit in the entire US Army. I was a proud member of the C 1/506 from Dec 1988-Dec 1999. I still carry my coin.

Today they have moved to Ar Ramadi, Iraq. The insurgents need to tread lightly.

They have 16 battle streamers and four presidential unit citations. There are eight other unit decoration streamers. I once lifted the Colors in the battalion hall of honor, it was heavy, and it gave me a sense of connection to all Currahees past present and future. Five Currahees have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor
Link Posted: 10/29/2004 11:06:45 AM EDT
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