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Posted: 4/24/2001 1:28:10 PM EDT
Hey, what happened to the thread regarding the Saturday 4/29 shoot in Apache Junction???

Link Posted: 4/24/2001 1:32:28 PM EDT
I can hardly wait!
Link Posted: 4/24/2001 1:37:13 PM EDT

I am looking forward to it as well.  But what happened to the original thread?  It is GONE.

I hope there wasn't a change in plans or anything.

Glad you reposnded.  I can answer and BTT.

Link Posted: 4/24/2001 1:44:21 PM EDT

i also noticed that the thread is gone.  The actual date is 4/28 Sat. @ 0900. i am not aware of any change of plans either.

TOPCREST where are you?
Link Posted: 4/24/2001 1:49:19 PM EDT
Maybe you guys can find antiUSSA while he is there with a LEGP M4 & take him out.

Have a "Goodbye to Tim's Kidney"  Shoot![chainsawkill]
Link Posted: 4/24/2001 1:51:50 PM EDT
Hey Grin,

if you hear from Anti let him know he is more than welcome.  Last time we tried this we got rained out (in Phoenix - go figure?)

Link Posted: 4/24/2001 2:22:30 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/24/2001 3:13:08 PM EDT
Thx Gary I'm sure he will appreciate it.

He needs a distraction
Link Posted: 4/24/2001 4:05:12 PM EDT
Dang, the kids and I are leaving to visit relatives in Ca and go to Disney land and we are leaving Friday as soon as they get out of school.

Link Posted: 4/24/2001 4:19:47 PM EDT
Male it happen and I will be there, Apache Junction is about 31/2hrs.. Too bad I was in Tuscon last weekend.
Link Posted: 4/24/2001 8:05:54 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/25/2001 12:01:05 AM EDT

Shoot is 9AM Saturaday 28 April, 13 days after my birthday.  To make up for a horrible mistake made by people whose names or relationship to me I will not mention, any belated "Happy Birthdays!" or gifts will be accepted.  Mostly looking for ammo, guns, and maybe your daughter (over 18 preferably, or a notorized, written, and signed statement that you will not press any charges against me) if you want to bring her.  Shit....did I type that or think that?

Anyone who sends me an email wanting to know where this is will get a response with a map in .jpg format attached to it.

Im sending out  a reminder/update right now

Cant wait to see everyone there.

And to whom it may concern, the "0+0= GAY!" thread does not apply to me, I have no idea who it was directed towards, and I'm in no way related of affiliated with the jackass that started it, or hte jackasses that participated in it.  

I know I will catch shit for this thread at wherever it is that I work/who I work for.
Link Posted: 4/25/2001 12:17:06 AM EDT
0+0=TopCrest. [:P]
Link Posted: 4/25/2001 1:18:16 AM EDT
here i am, trying to be nice to mr cory here.  i offer to show him around when he comes out here, show him good shooting spots, even offer to bring him out on the boat with all the high school girls.  what do i get?  a big slap in the face.  ive had enough with being nice lately.  ill have some pics of the trip waiting for you when you make it here.  ill also have some pics of all the beautiful spots in the desert, that for the most part, no one know where they are.  you will be getting a beautiful photo album, but, zero help from me.

you sir, are a baboon
Link Posted: 4/25/2001 1:20:14 AM EDT
Coming from you that's a compliment, right TopCrest?

...Hoping you understand it's HUMOR...[:D]
Link Posted: 4/25/2001 1:25:25 AM EDT
yes i know its humor, im just in a fightin mood right now.  we'll bust out the paintguns or simunitions when you arrive and count off 20 paces.

or play some 22 tag, i got 2 sets of body armor now, 2 level 2a vests, 2 pasgt helmets


its shitty you cant haul your ass out here to the shoot.  good luck, god speed
Link Posted: 4/25/2001 1:28:49 AM EDT
Thanks. I'll be out there soon enough, May 8th is my move-in date. Counting down the days...
I have a feeling you'll have a hard time getting rid of me once I'm there.
Link Posted: 4/25/2001 1:34:10 AM EDT
hey may 8th is my last final, let me (us) know if you need any help moving in, providing back up, fire support, etc.  payment is accepted thru ammo, liqour, and food.

make sure you have a handgun with you so you can have a big iron on your hip as soon as you cross the river.  its a wonderful feeling.  

I feel free, like i can take over the world
Link Posted: 4/25/2001 6:17:47 AM EDT
I had enough foresight to bring a LEGP M4, Beta-C mag, and sights...  I just need some ammo to make her purr.

Possibly "jimmybcool" could swing by and pick me up..?  We had a few drinks together last evening and discussed the shoot, so if I'm welcome, count me in.

[*] I'm staying in Cave Creek with my folks for the next couple of weeks, while awaiting surgey at Mayo's.
Link Posted: 4/25/2001 7:58:53 AM EDT
Link Posted: 4/25/2001 10:50:40 AM EDT
Link Posted: 4/25/2001 11:03:49 AM EDT
salty!!??!  WTF?  ill show you salty.  

ILuv2Shoot--are you moving to AZ?  If so, let us know, we'll have to have another shoot.  It'll be fun.  

Did anyone ever see the movie The Butter Churner Gang?  
Link Posted: 4/25/2001 11:21:30 AM EDT
Whoa, I must be getting used to AZ, I just took my CCW class from the Armory this weekend.  Weird.
Link Posted: 4/25/2001 11:54:27 AM EDT
Link Posted: 4/25/2001 5:29:58 PM EDT
Yeehaw.  Looks like good weather this time.  Sure wish it wasn't in Apache Junction though.  is that still AZ.

Hey Anti, leave me directions (or call) for a pickup.  Can do.  Can not do shoot Thursday.  My tee time is noon.  No time before or after.

See ya on Saturday.

Link Posted: 4/25/2001 6:59:52 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/25/2001 7:44:55 PM EDT
Damm, sounds like I'm gonna need more ammo !!!

Prescott Valley
Link Posted: 4/25/2001 11:52:58 PM EDT
Damn, I would've love to come to this.  I leave tomorrow (Thur) for almost 3 weeks out of  state.  At least the first week is vacation...

I usually just go to Rio Salado, but I'm okay with AJ.  So let's do it again, ok???
Link Posted: 4/26/2001 12:28:47 AM EDT
Man I'm bummed about missing this, too. Next time around plan at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance I will make sure I'm free...Hope all you guys that do go have a hell of a good day!

Link Posted: 4/26/2001 6:33:40 AM EDT
Hey Anti, leave me directions (or call) for a pickup.
View Quote

Take "Cave Creek" road to "Tatum", turn LEFT on "Tatum" and then head towards the entrance of Tatum Village ([i]3rd left[/i]).  Email me or call and I will give the the security code to the gates.

Also, what time should I be ready and how much money for range fees, etc..?  ([i]I'm on a very tight budget[/i])

I have my LEGP rifle with me, but could somebody spot me some ammo..?
Link Posted: 4/26/2001 6:38:51 AM EDT
ANTI, I can spare 100 rounds if you don't mind shootin Remington UMC (yellow box).

I Need the BRASS Back though.
Link Posted: 4/26/2001 6:47:20 AM EDT
I can spot anti some ammo too if necessary, but it is the cheaper PMP south african stuff.
Link Posted: 4/26/2001 12:11:29 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/26/2001 1:43:46 PM EDT
damn it no car!
Link Posted: 4/26/2001 2:02:09 PM EDT
Has anyone seen any good deals on ammunition (.223) here in the valley?  
Link Posted: 4/26/2001 2:35:27 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/26/2001 4:47:12 PM EDT

I'll be there.  Since we need to be in Apache Junction by 9:00 I think we need to leave your house by 8:00 latest (case I get lost or something - I've never been there before).

Email the security codes to me for the gate.  Sounds like you can see the tatum ranch golf course from wherre you're staying.  I played it today.

BTW, I "think" this is a desert shoot without range fees (feel free to correct me Ryan).  As to ammo, well, what AR15.com member wouldn't have .223 ammo where they live???  of course we have to see the LEGP rifle shoot.

Link Posted: 4/27/2001 5:33:33 AM EDT

I don't have your email addy, can you send it to me..?

[email protected]

I'll reply to your email with the gate codes!

[*] G&B shipped the "Tac Handle" to me yesterday, so I will have it with me this weekend.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 6:30:36 AM EDT
Is anyone bringing a digital camera? if not i'll try to borrow my Dad's.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 8:33:21 AM EDT

Ya have my email and phone # now.  I need the gate codes or I'll be calling your house "early" Saturday.  


a digital camera sounds great.  I'm thinking of getting one so am interested in seeing some in action.


now, the decisions as to what to bring are close.  I know I bring at least one AR15.  I doubt we will do any real "precision" shooting so am planning on leaving the space gun with Leupold at home.  The standard A2 with red dot will probably be redundant.  I WILL bring the Aug.

Question is, should I bring the M1A??  The Ruger 10/22???  Any handguns??  Like, Glocks or 1911s??

For that matter, is anyone interested in buying a Mini 14?  I have two and don't plan on shooting them again in my lifetime.  Maybe I should sell.  But then, I don't know the true value.

Decisions, decisions.  Hmmmm.  I guess we'll have to wait til Saturday to see.  I sure hope someone brings something cool to hit with a 150 grain projectile at high velocity.

Link Posted: 4/27/2001 8:52:13 AM EDT
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 10:21:18 AM EDT

As you say, if you leave it home you'll want it.  But I have so MANY toys I really don't want to haul them all down there.  I mean, think of the gas mileage????

I am bringing plenty of ammo.  I have some I bought years ago I will not shoot through my rifles (I am getting very picky) with steel cases.  I think it is SA or Russian (green case steel).  For those less picky - fire away.  

BTW, if anyone coming is a Ruger 10/22 expert I would love to figure out why mine is jamming every 10th round or so.  I'll bring it with.

It doesn't sound as if there will be any ladies at this shoot (pity - of course we would have Imbroglio here if we did) so my wife is not coming down.  She would probably pass anyway.

And of course, while rambling, this message goes BTT.

Link Posted: 4/27/2001 10:22:15 AM EDT
I did happen pick up 200 rounds from Dillon Precision this morning, so hopefully that will hold me over with enough without have to bum some from you guys.

Thanks to everyone that responded with the very generous offers though!

[*] Also, the "Tac Handle" for the LEGP rifle arrived a few minutes ago, and it IS sighted in.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 10:39:13 AM EDT
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