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Posted: 10/3/2004 1:35:25 PM EDT
Before I launch into this, I would like to give this fair warning to all the parents out there:

Do not consider this a slam to you.

It seems now a days that kids are getting more and more out of control.
It seems even more so after reading posts about store experiences.

It seems as if the parents are to blame.

Anywhere you go in public, there are:

1) Screaming children:restaurants, malls, stores, anywhere and everywhere
2)Children that run around in any of the aforementioned
3)Parents that don't watch their children
4)Parents that don't keep track of their children

If myself or my sister ran around or screamed in public, we'd be disciplined.

That was considered unacceptable when I was growing up.

And where do these kids end up?

Jail, gangs, on drugs, expelled from school, dead, or on one of those episodes of Maury Povich where they send the kids to boot camp.

Parents don't care about their kids, and what do you think happens

Parents are also too afraid to discipline their kids, in fear of being reported to Family Services.

There has to be some action done or our next generation will not be well.
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